Sow Geneva by SAOTA + SRA Kössler & Morel Architects

Sow Geneva by SAOTA + SRA Kössler & Morel Architects

Architects: SAOTA, SRA Kössler & Morel Architects
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Year: 2010
Area: 30.139 sqft / 2.800 sqm
Photo courtesy: Stefan Antoni

The proprietor dispatched SAOTA to outline his Geneva base for his family home and office. Energetic about configuration and building design, this is the fourth home SAOTA have attempted for him. The others, in Cape Town and Paris and one in Senegal are show articulations of energizing, even provocative contemporary structural engineering.


“The sensational triangular molded site, with exceptionally prohibitive plan and constructing parameters made SAOTA think of a reductive configuration that created as a consequence of cutting and chiseling without end shapes from a triangular foot shaped impression’, clarified Stefan Antoni.


Accomplice Greg Truen portrays the building as ‘a statement of a rising African stylish in the beyond any doubt way it plays with composition, materials and the way it interfaces with the outside’. ‘Theoretically, Africans have an exceptionally noteworthy perspective of asylum’ he proceeds. ‘For us, the level rooftop is more vital than the vertical divider. That is everything we need. Be that as it may, with a harsher domain, Europeans have separated themselves from the outside and are accustomed to living with more boundaries in the middle of them and nature’.


On either side of the 20 meter wide channel sits the two parcels that make this house, the fundamental house and the addition. What interface the two structures are the films, spa, assembly hall and carports underneath. The primary house is a mix of round edged 3D squares and triangular masses that frame the L-state of the living spaces. A twofold volume living range with a bended divider on the façade confronting the lake, streams into a feasting territory and kitchen on the ground floor and rooms, an entryway and en-suite’s on the top level. The top floors are gotten to by a glass barrel encased lift.


The extension houses a visitor suite and what brings together the two are their materiality and spacial relationship to one another, making the hole in the middle of read rather like a delay in time instead of a vacant space.

Sow-Geneva-by-SAOTA-SRA-Kossler-Morel-Architects-05 Sow-Geneva-by-SAOTA-SRA-Kossler-Morel-Architects-06 Sow-Geneva-by-SAOTA-SRA-Kossler-Morel-Architects-07 Sow-Geneva-by-SAOTA-SRA-Kossler-Morel-Architects-08 Sow-Geneva-by-SAOTA-SRA-Kossler-Morel-Architects-09 Sow-Geneva-by-SAOTA-SRA-Kossler-Morel-Architects-10 Sow-Geneva-by-SAOTA-SRA-Kossler-Morel-Architects-11 Sow-Geneva-by-SAOTA-SRA-Kossler-Morel-Architects-12 Sow-Geneva-by-SAOTA-SRA-Kossler-Morel-Architects-13 Sow-Geneva-by-SAOTA-SRA-Kossler-Morel-Architects-14 Sow-Geneva-by-SAOTA-SRA-Kossler-Morel-Architects-15 Sow-Geneva-by-SAOTA-SRA-Kossler-Morel-Architects-16 Sow-Geneva-by-SAOTA-SRA-Kossler-Morel-Architects-17 Sow-Geneva-by-SAOTA-SRA-Kossler-Morel-Architects-18 Sow-Geneva-by-SAOTA-SRA-Kossler-Morel-Architects-19 Sow-Geneva-by-SAOTA-SRA-Kossler-Morel-Architects-20

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