How to Mix and Match Burnt Orange Sofa for a Trendy Look

If you followed the recent interior design trends, you surely noticed the ’70s are making a comeback. As woven flower crowns have pretty much become a staple at every music festival, the bell-bottoms and platform shoes are once again back in style. Burnt orange sofas are another rebound artifact from the groovy era. For the nostalgics, the bright hue is making its way back into our homes and our hearts and they couldn’t be more excited.

You don’t have to feel like you’re turning back to the ’70s if you have a burnt orange sofa in the living room. You can choose a subdued version of the color such as something with tan undertones or a coppery, rust shade, which will make it easier to swap into an existing color scheme. Light pink accents for a glam look, or round out your set up with earthy hues for a more natural, organic vibe are a good match for burnt orange sofas.

Next, we are going to give you several ideas on how to mix and match the burnt orange sofas with the rest of your interior decorations.

Boho-Chic Vintage Look

Choose a jute rug, a bold red-orange velvet sofa and vintage cushions with rustic accents. Use an eclectic mix of patterns on the floor cushions, coffee table box, and sofa throw pillows. They all play well with the sofa because they share the same intensity and rust color.

Less is more

Have you ever thought that a loud pop of color could be peaceful? If you pair the orange sofa with light gray walls and an earthy tone zig-zag rug, you will give the space a naturally airy element. In this case and in almost any situation, less is more. A towering cactus plant in the corner adds a nice accent to the entire room.

Navy and Burnt Orange – a good match

Take a cue from this scene and embrace a complementary color combo like navy and orange if you’re not afraid to double down on paint. if you like a little less saturation, you an opt for lighter versions of these shades. Cheery splashes of yellow, for the pillow, wall art, and bookshelf, help unite the two high-contrast tones.

Jewel-toned sofa

Try to match a jewel-toned sofa with a blush armchair and surrounding brass accents. The colorful duo, offset by splashes of navy, provides a sculptural focal point in the otherwise tonal living room.

Natural light and rust orange

An open floor plan, white walls, and plenty of natural light set the stage for the rust orange sofa in a minimalist living room. As the undeniable focal point, it invites warmth and interest to an otherwise starkly decorated area.

Looking for a new sofa and you want to make a trendy choice? Orange might work for you. Get inspired by our tips and match the burnt orange with navy blue, natural, earthy tones and indoor plants to give the room a modern, chic accent. Burnt orange is not an out-dated color if you match it right.



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