3 Pieces of Furniture That Are Worth the Investment

3 Pieces of Furniture That Are Worth the Investment

Furniture is one of the most important aspects of home decor, but many people find it hard to invest money in high-quality furniture. With high up-front costs, it’s understandable, especially when certain designers list their pieces for $1,000’s or even $10,000. However, reconsidering your grip on your wallet when it comes to your most essential furniture pieces is highly recommended.

That’s because, when it comes to furniture specifically, you typically get what you pay for. So, if having a comfortable, high-end home is important to you, you should plan to spend more on furniture in the future. To ensure you get the most for your money, we recommend starting with these 3 pieces:

Your Bed

Your bed is undoubtedly the most important piece of furniture in your home. From giving you a place to rest your head at night to ensuring you get enough sleep to wake up and seize another day, the quality of where you lay down at night matters. The first thing to do to bring it up to par? Purchase yourself a high-quality mattress like a memory foam bed that will provide you with the comfort and support you need to wake up feeling refreshed.

3 Pieces of Furniture That Are Worth the Investment

It’s not just the mattress that matters, though. If you’re upgrading your bed, you should consider all the aspects that collaboratively make up your sleep space. Make sure your pillows are well-cushioned, your sheets are breathable, and your duvet cover works into your overall bedroom decor. To take your bed to the next level, you may also want to get yourself a bed frame that doubles as a decorative element and storage space.

The Couch

Whether you entertain frequently or simply like to curl up on the couch after a long work week, having a nice couch in your living room makes a world of difference. When shopping for your ideal couch or sofa, make sure you consider the balance you need between comfort and aesthetics.

While the prices will vary based on size, material, and manufacturer, opting for a well-made sofa that costs a few hundred dollars more than a cheap and easy alternative will likely pay off for years to come, as too many people have come to learn the hard way. The risk with buying a couch on the lower end of the price spectrum is that you’re stuck with a hard, uncomfortable couch that likely won’t withstand the normal wear and tear you put it through.

3 Pieces of Furniture That Are Worth the Investment

Ideally, you want to purchase a couch that’s going to last you for years to come, instead of something that will only last a year or two. When you think about it, saving a one or two hundred dollars now won’t seem like much when you have to shell out another $400 to $600 in two years to replace your cheap couch.

Dining Room Table & Seating

If you have a family or simply like to cook for others, you’ll want to ensure that you have proper seating for group meals. When it comes to your dining room table and seating, you don’t want to skimp on quality that will not only survive the scraping of plates and spilling of food, but will pair perfectly with your other decor.

3 Pieces of Furniture That Are Worth the Investment

When considering the size of your dining room table, consider how many people you will typically have around your table and the available space in the room. If you can find one that has extendable leaves, you can enlarge and shrink your table as your guest-count requires.

As for your seating, you want to make sure you have something that’s comfortable and supportive for hours spent enjoying a good meal or dinner party, but you don’t want them to be so cozy that they make it hard to eat in.

Final Tips for Furnishing Your Home

When choosing the right furniture for your home, there are a few other considerations to keep in mind:

  • Always use a measuring tape to find the ideal height, width, and length for the room
  • Think about the surrounding furnishings when buying to make sure it matches
  • If you’re on a budget, focus on one room at a time
  • If the material of your high-quality furniture is vulnerable to damage, research how you can protect it to get the most out of your investment

Once you start investing more in your furniture, you’ll quickly see what a significant difference it can make for both you and your guests.

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