Vivienda en Llaveneres by Susanna Cots

Vivienda en Llaveneres by Susanna Cots

Architects: Susanna Cots
Location: Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, Barcelona, Spain
Year: 2012
Photo courtesy: Susanna Cots

The space where nonexistent sealines turn out to be genuine. The ocean is the middle that denote the manner of the rooms, the lighting and the shades of this insides venture. Enlivened by the house’s outside, we caught the lights and the shades which add to effortlessness and quiet. White prevails and provides for the space an identity that pulls all together, and is supplemented by shading. The outline extends to the ocean from all aspects of the house, to permit Nature in.


The kitchen, dinning room and rooms are parallel to the sealine, permitting the outside to go into the house from multiple points of view, for example, through the desk area that houses the pantry and the visitor washroom. The outside surface is incorporated with the suite’s flooring, the bed head and the washroom, accomplishing the same outside inside impact. Binomials are delicately present in this insides venture through the blend of outline, usefulness, scene and warmth.

Vivienda-en-Llavaneres-02 Vivienda-en-Llavaneres-03 Vivienda-en-Llavaneres-04 Vivienda-en-Llavaneres-05 Vivienda-en-Llavaneres-06 Vivienda-en-Llavaneres-07 Vivienda-en-Llavaneres-08 Vivienda-en-Llavaneres-09 Vivienda-en-Llavaneres-10 Vivienda-en-Llavaneres-11 Vivienda-en-Llavaneres-12 Vivienda-en-Llavaneres-13

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