Acapulco House by FC Studio

Acapulco House designed by FC Studio

ArchitectsFC Studio
Location: Guarujá, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Area: 340 sqm

The house is created by 6 squares gathered in sets (idea). Inside of this compositional guideline, two subtractions were made at inverse sides to frame two venues: the carport in the front and the social range behind. The diverse connections that they build up with their neighbours (different squares) were determinate by the floor’s unevenness, straightforwardness and openness.

acap_photo_37Stand out intermittence happens by the stairs that prompts the upper floor. Metallic self-supporting, acidic and boring, it cuts the grouping of rooms at one point making a visual channel between general society road and the private lawn.

acap_photo_2At the base left side the structure closes the progression of social situations. Isolated of the house by the pool and deck, makes a pressure between the house and itself. This interim space (extent, pool) wins quality in the duality in the middle of “seeing and being seen”, totally dissolving the idea of connection that could be made by the structure.

acap_photo_8In the upper floor we have four suites with a checked symmetry. They are gotten to by a lobby lit up by a window over the guest’s leader and demystifies the hall, for example, the word recommends. This whole upper floor is a piece of a typical capacity (private range) laid out in the undertaking by volume and shading (green).

acap_photo_9The water surface under de inside stair comes back to the air dampness in days of extraordinary warmth in the city of Brazil, a tropical nation, and the rooftop patio nursery of the structure keeps a low temperature of its level rooftop.


The standard’s rationale squares enormously encouraged the numerical figurings and the auxiliary execution of the house, in light of the fact that the same helpful methodology could be received for the whole building. The separations between columns are very nearly the same and there are no basic moves between the fundamental and upper floor.


acap_photo_20 acap_photo_22 acap_photo_23 acap_photo_25 acap_photo_26 acap_photo_27 acap_photo_29 acap_photo_30 acap_photo_33 acap_photo_36

Photos courtesy of Marcelo Scandaroli. 

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