Courtyard House by Buensalido Architects

Courtyard House by Buensalido Architects

Architects: Buensalido Architects
Location: Parañaque City, Philippines
Year: 2010
Photo courtesy: Buensalido Architects

After seeing the old, unique, weather beaten structure, we rushed to concur that the structure could be changed over into an one of a kind home by offering center to an open, prior yard right amidst the house.


Rather than a rejected open air space, it is presently sewed to every one of its rooms as they all stream into it both physically and outwardly. By utilizing a progression of glass sky facing windows over the yard, it now turns out to be a piece of the inside spaces as it can be utilized as an augmentation of the living and feasting territories, yet in the meantime feel as though it were an open air space as individuals can in any case get looks of the sky through the glass cut outs on the roof.

Courtyard-House-02 Courtyard-House-03-1 Courtyard-House-03 Courtyard-House-04 Courtyard-House-05 Courtyard-House-06 Courtyard-House-07 Courtyard-House-08 Courtyard-House-09 Courtyard-House-10 Courtyard-House-11 Courtyard-House-12

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