Liberty Hill Residence by McMahon Architects

Liberty Hill Residence by McMahon Architects

Architects: McMahon Architects
Location: San Francisco, California, USA
Year: 2012
Area: 4.700 sqft
Photo courtesy: Steph Dewey

This fabulous noteworthy home has been reconstructed to the most astounding benchmarks. The Victorian veneer is famously San Francisco. Ebonized framing in the anteroom makes a rich and sensational initial introduction, predictable all through the home. The lounge room fixates on a dazzling dark marble chimney and has a nearby formal lounge area.


The gourmet specialists kitchen is interested in the vast family stay with French entryways prompting the deck and yard. The second floor is home to three rooms, two showers and clothing.


On the top floor is the expert suite, sitting range and expansive perspective deck with stunning perspectives and a flame pit. An one room condo, all around coordinated into the house is situated on the lower level. Three auto carport, stockpiling and wine basement finish the home.


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