OZ House by Swatt Miers Architects

OZ House by Swatt Miers Architects

Architects: Swatt Miers Architects
Location: Silicon Valley, California, USA
Year: 2010
Photos: Tim Griffith

The primary prerequisite that the owners, a youthful couple with two youngsters, communicated was that their new home ought to have an easygoing, shoeless feel, similar to a get-away destination, with solid indoor-outside associations.

OZ-House-00-1Their 2.8 section of land site, with tender slants toward the south and experienced finishing on all sides was the ideal setting to make a home that would completely draw in the lovely scene for family living.


The outline that advanced depends on a basic “L” molded arrangement with two wings. The east wing incorporates the kitchen and family room on the ground floor, with kids’ rooms situated on the upper level. The south wing comprises of an office, media room, and visitor suite at the lower level, with the expert suite situated on the second floor. Uniting the two wings is a living/feasting ‘incredible room’, completely coated on the north and south sides.


Under a low, cantilevered overhang, a strong mahogany rotating passageway entryway opens to the emotional ‘awesome room’, an excellent two-story volume punctured by a gliding glass connect that runs east-west, interfacing the two wings at the upper level. With roofs and two dividers of Honduran mahogany, and two dividers of floor-to-roof glass, this space reviews the indoor-open air anterooms of amazing resort lodgings in the South Pacific.


Materials have been chosen to strengthen the engineering parti. The east and south wings are clad in white, indispensable hued stucco, as a counterpoint to the mahogany clad focal type of the ”colossal room’. Profound, cantilevered rooftop expansions, sheathed in mahogany sheets at the focal space and white stucco at the wings, fortify the general flat piece, outwardly dissolving the limit in the middle of inside and outside.


The scene has been intended to make two unmistakable situations. The north side incorporates an engine court, neighboring a passage patio of rectangular going stones over a shallow reflecting pool. Gotten to by glass entryways from the living and feasting ranges, the media room, and the kitchen and family rooms, the south side of the house has been intended for family living, with liberal ventured porches, yard play territories, a grill porch, and a swimming pool.


A monster legacy oak tree, fixated on the fundamental patio inverse the lounge room, has been safeguarded as an uncommon center, saw from the passage and principle living spaces. As the scene ventures with the normal evaluations towards the south, the formal parts of the configuration start to disintegrate into a more naturalistic piece, appearing differently in relation to the orthogonal geometry of the construction modeling.

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