F House by Pons Architects

F House by Pons Architects

Architects: Pons Architects
Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Year: 2010
Area: 8,073 square foot
Photos: Pons Architects

On this task, the customers gave us a territory project and samples connected with their own specific taste. Our test was to consider this rules and guidelines and translate them, keeping in mind the end goal to offer an item connected with our own particular feeling of style.


As indicated by Pons’ method for considering this sort of ventures, the living arrangement turns itself out to the yard as the fundamental territory and the insides open up, permitting the light to come through and the connection with the outside.


Casa-F-03 Casa-F-04 Casa-F-05 Casa-F-06 Casa-F-07 Casa-F-08 Casa-F-09 Casa-F-10 Casa-F-11 Casa-F-12 Casa-F-13 Casa-F-14 Casa-F-15 Casa-F-16 Casa-F-17 Casa-F-18 Casa-F-19 Casa-F-20 Casa-F-21 Casa-F-22 Casa-F-23 Casa-F-24 Casa-F-25 Casa-F-26 Casa-F-27 Casa-F-28 Casa-F-29 Casa-F-30 Casa-F-31 Casa-F-32

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