Re-configured house into a spacious area is ready to be fully shared and enjoyed

Re-configured house into a spacious area is ready to be fully shared and enjoyed

Architects: Robert Hirschfield Architects
Location: London, England
Year: 2016
Photography:©Matt Clayton Photography

“A large period house required significant untangling from its congested internal layout in order to rationalise and re-configure its interior spaces. It also had a lack of connectedness to it’s generous outdoor spaces and an under-exploited loft area.

The original living and service areas of the house were dark, cramped and restrictive to family shared spaces. Our solution was to reconfigure the layout of each floor and expand the house to create a spacious living area to the rear of the ground floor with a large glazed structure that frames the newly landscaped garden and terrace.

The re-configured floors have given the family generous sized rooms with an interesting play of level changes and volumes that can now be fully shared and enjoyed. These are connected by a new helical staircase with a ribbon-like handrail that curves as it ascends in parallel with the central double-height void.

The new loft bedroom and en-suite bathroom are proud possessors of their own private recessed terrace that has cleverly and discretely been carved into the pitch of the roof.

The bathrooms, bedrooms and living spaces have bespoke built-in joinery, storage spaces and shelving all of which have been fully integrated into the overall concept and design.”

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