Effective Ways for a Greener, Healthier Lawn

Effective Ways for a Greener, Healthier Lawn


Everyone takes pride in having a beautiful lawn. Caring for it is a great feeling, especially when it flourishes and makes you look back in awe. Lawn care Brisbane makes you smile and bathe in the beauty of your lawn eventually. Knowing how to tend to your lawn will ensure you have the lush and thick turf that you have been dreaming of.

A healthy, green lawn can be achieved with some commitment and work. Your efforts will be rewarded as long as you follow the right steps for managing your lawn.

Here are ways you can improve your lawn and make it healthier;


Use Natural Fertilizers

Natural fertilizers are good for the environment and your grass since they contain natural nutrients for a greener lawn. Mowed grass grows quickly and will need more nutrients, which can be obtained through manure.

Natural fertilizer releases its nutrients to the soil to strengthen the root structure of the grass and make it resistant to weeds and drought. Compost manures are very healthy for the family and the environment. They are also known to produce greener lawns compared to synthetic fertilizers.


 Always Cut the Grass to the Recommended Height

Your grass will grow strong and healthy if cut to the right height. Every grass species has a recommended cutting height. Use the guide to find out the right height for your grass. Also, ensure that the blades on the mower are sharp to cut the grass effectively.

You can get the right tools that will simplify your task, such as using a reel mower to cut your grass effectively and leave it healthy. Follow the lawn mowing best practices by mowing according to the growth of the grass.


Proper Aeration

For most people, the lawn is the most used area, especially with the kids around. Over time, the soil can become compacted and lack proper circulation of air, making it difficult for nutrients to be well absorbed and water to drain correctly.

When soil becomes hard and compacted, important soil organisms such as earthworms will not access it. To make your turf healthier and the grass greener and attractive, make sure it is well aerated.

Aerate the soil by punching 3-inch deep holes in your lawn regularly. This will give the grass a suitable medium for growth. It will be able to make use of the nutrients and water provided, and soil microorganisms will stay in the soil to help break down the build-up thatch.Aeration of the lawn aeration should carried out at least once every year.


Water Your Lawn Properly

A healthy lawn needs deep watering, which should be done less often. This will make the roots grow deeper and make the grass stay green during hot weather or drought. Experts advise that grass should be watered once every week.


Use Corn Gluten Meal to Fertilize Your Lawn

Corn gluten meal can be used as a herbicide for organic crops and turf grass. It can also fertilize the soil. This natural by-product of corn can also control annual weeds on the lawn.



Caring for and maintaining a lawn is not a complex procedure. By devoting some hours every week to your lawn, you will reap the benefits much quicker than you think. Remember to do it right.

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