Malo & Pol Haussmannian Loft in Paris renovated by Batiik Studio

Malo & Pol Haussmannian Loft in Paris renovated by Batiik Studio

Architects: Batiik Studio
Location: Paris, France
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Roberta Donatini

An ordinary Haussmannian level, found right in the focal point of the renowned region « Le Marais » in Paris, has been completely revamped and its spaces redivided into another subdivision.


Unique wood floor and trim have been protected while the furniture were changed into another contemporary look.


The agreeable and extensive family room offers a substantial metal and painted medium cabinet at the back of the dressing storage room of guardian’s room. This set ,made sans preparation, redraws the volume of the front room while safeguarding the current moldings. Books, valuable articles for the family, are currently at the heart of the flat and makes a charming casing around the eating table.


A decision of a dull painting and a tile floor covering portrays an expansive passageway and imprints a wide space that opens on the front room straightforwardly. It has a hand crafted furniture, including a capacity compartment space and a closet.


The kitchen has been moved to a lighter space, with a perspective on the principle street, permitting the new main room to stay in a calmer zone on the patio. A brilliant kitchen, straightforwardly associated with the lounge area satisfies the fantasy of the proprietors who at long last can eat on the overhang.


The folks’ room has been moved into the calmest zone of the level, already involved by the kitchen. A genuine expert suite has been made with an exclusively fitted changing area and a restroom. Translucent components between the closet and the front room library permit the light to achieve the hall. Mirrors have been mounted on the entryways of storage rooms, to build a view of a greater space.


A full stature glass entryway isolates the room from the lavatory. Here, the most elevated part of the dividers, has turned into a window, that permits lights to originate from the kitchen.


The headboard was a chance to draw a set joining two closets and a bedside table. The oak furniture and regular floor warms the room. Likewise, the wallpaper accentuates the space with brilliant subtle elements.


The establishment of a divider permitted to make an extra room, so that both youngsters can advantage of their single room. The first was impeccable to outline custom furniture, including a work area to work, low furniture for toys , a library and a closet in the same piece. In the second room, a dim blue paint gives a present day turn to the current closet.


The blue tones of youngsters’ lavatory quietly brings out Brittany, unique family range.

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