The Serpentine by Turner

The Serpentine by Turner

Architects: Turner
Location: Bilgola, New South Wales, Australia
Area: 520 sqm
Year: 2011
Photos: CABE

The house ventures down the site and is enunciated into three readable components taking prompts from a customary tripartite configuration of framing a base, center and top. The strong “base” with recessed openings stays the house to the site with outer dividers reaching out from the house to frame arranged holding dividers and steps which are situated at characteristic ground level or underneath.

the-serpentine-turner_the_serpentine_1_mg_0170The open arranged living ranges sit on top of the strong base as a recessed straightforward “center” component to catch perspectives and daylight. Besides, because of the introduction of the site and the need to augment sun powered access, the rooftop over the front room folds up to catch northern daylight with noteworthy eave shades to give shading from the late spring sun. The southern degree of the mid level of the house, including shades and balustrades, is difficulty inside of the back pledge misfortune zone.


The “top” of the house, which incorporates the rooms and administration regions, overlap and bends with thought to limit arrangements, view passageways and inside elements of the house. To exploit the southern perspectives substantial arrangement picture windows are given to the rooms and library zone whilst auxiliary windows and seals are given toward the east and west exteriors to keep up security to bordering houses.


the-serpentine-turner_the_serpentine_4_mg_0041 the-serpentine-turner_the_serpentine_5_mg_0042 the-serpentine-turner_the_serpentine_6_mg_0054 the-serpentine-turner_the_serpentine_7_mg_0107 the-serpentine-turner_the_serpentine_8_mg_0144 the-serpentine-turner_the_serpentine_9_mg_0150 the-serpentine-turner_the_serpentine_10_mg_0090

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