House in Mathi by MARC

House in Mathi by MARC

Architects: MARC
Location: Mathi, Turin, Italy
Photo courtesy: Beppi Giardino

The customer chooses to leave his pleasant condo downtown Torino to move his family to the place where he grew up, restoring a major shed, minimal more than a rooftop in remains, contiguous the little house he restored with his wife in the years after their wedding. It is a long-lasting dream, for which he is anxious to contribute a large portion of his assets. In the wake of talking a few engineers, he requests that MARC plan an extraordinary house, unreasonable, for his entire life.


MARC chooses to acknowledge this obligation with the customer’s same genuineness and energy. The family’s goals and necessities are met specifically, without attempting to support them into a configuration excessively unitary: openness toward the outside, fiery self-rule, a little swimming-pool, tend to the past home, to be associated with the new one without being altered. A miniaturized scale world made of very much characterized starting components, constantly created and reexamined amid the period –not a short one-of the development, heterogeneous, yet killed by covering them with a uniform and impassive shading RAL 7032.


Additionally the nearby attach to the domain is translated truly: a shallow removal crosses the house from one side to the next and characterizes the building’s connection to the ground, inciting a prompt visual and utilitarian connection between the inside and the scene. This lower – yellow-foot shaped impression permits to fit an extra floor without changing the framework of the building. It additionally permits enough space to suspend the volume of the swimming-pool at the second floor, for a superior introduction to the sun.


Amid the development period, the customers choose to reach out to other building adjacent the same added substance approach the utilized for the house. They choose to restore likewise their expert studios, uniting them to the house through an old block building. After a year they purchase the house in front, to set up a little bed and breakfast, too associated with the primary house. A little town inside of the town starts to appear… To be continued.

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