Casa Kopche by Grupo Arquidecture

Casa Kopche by Grupo Arquidecture

Architects: Grupo Arquidecture
Location: Mérida, Yucatán, México
Photo courtesy: Tamara Uribe Manzanilla

This home is a contemporary home with unadulterated lines, in whose plan the outside-inside joining has been the need accomplishment, getting wide spaces with a few perspectives, brimming with light and common ventilation.


The separating so as to undertake stands a reasonable zonification social zone from private range to produce patios and gardens that are appreciated by all spaces of the house.


A stone divider denote the passageway driving into the house giving a defensive screen to the inward yards also.


The utilization and administration of gaps is key: totally open to the lobby and restricted to the rooms, permitting both spaces to have outside interest without uncovering the protection of the family.

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