Chess-Inspired Interior Design Ideas You’re Going To Love

Chess-Inspired Interior Design Ideas You’re Going To Love

One of the most fulfilling actions you can take in order to make your living space more personalized is to set it up according to your greatest passion. People are passionate about different things, and it’s up to you to choose the path you want to take. This text will help you remodel the house you’re living in so everybody can tell that you’ve used the ancient game of chess as inspiration. Setting up the chess-inspired living space shouldn’t be difficult since colors are monochromatic and shapes are easily adjustable. Keep on reading and learn how to improve your home decor using chess as motivation.

Start from the bathroom

This part of your home is probably very close to looking like a chess board. Most bathrooms have white as the main color. This means that you just need to replace every other tile if your goal is to walk over the board. If you find replacing tiles hard and expensive, which it is, try the cheaper solution and combine bathroom elements by choosing some black and some white.

Set up the living room

Once you’re done with bathroom, you already know how to continue. Using black and white items, you’ll be able to set up every room in your house. Of course, you have more space for innovation in the living room, so you don’t need to limit yourself with the monochromatic solution. Go online and look for decorative chess boards, chess-themed wallpapers or lamps that are shaped as rooks. The shape of this piece is also a great solution for a coffee table, and chairs around it can be black and white.

Go minimalistic with the bedroom

When it comes to decorating the bedroom, you should give your best to keep it simple. This room should be for sleeping only, so make sure to set it up that way. Again, black covers over white sheets will do the trick and you won’t feel alienated by the look of the room. Add a few furniture items that are shaped like chess pieces or decorate ordinary items with chess-shaped scented candles. With this move, you won’t just make the room more chess-friendly, you’ll make it sleep-friendly as well.

Continue with the kitchen

You’re probably already guessing what you should do in order to decorate the kitchen so it can say “I love chess”. You’ve guessed right: you should copy the bathroom. Start from tiles and create a chess board under your feet. Kitchen appliances are almost always black or white, so it won’t be hard to choose the right combination. If your counter is white, equip it with a black blender or vice versa. If you go with the black stove, make sure your pots are white. Get yourself queen-shaped salt shaker and king-shaped pepper shaker. As you can see, possibilities are limitless, so go with your gut and choose the right setting for you.

A few final steps

Once you’ve managed to completely change the style of your home and turn it into a chess haven, go a step forward and redecorate your backyard as well. Once again, search for chess-shaped furniture pieces that will go well with your backyard, pergola or deck. There are a lot of options out there, and the only thing that can bring you down is your own imagination. If you really love chess and have a vision of your perfect home, it won’t be hard to set it up the right way. Roll up your sleeves, search the internet for ideas, measure your space and decide how it will be decorated.

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