Bold Colors for Eye-Catching Front Doors

Painting or repainting your home’s front door is a cheap trick to update and change the vibe of your house. We advise you to choose eye-catching colors if you dare to impress, or neutrals tones if you are the traditional type. No matter your choice, the transformation will be visible.

When was the last time you have seen a front door you remember? Most of them have neutral colors and are really dull. Why not choose a colorful, bold and cheerful color for your front door? We’ve seen creative choices that really make a great first-time impression and we want to share the inspiration with you.

Blue Front Door

When we think about the color blue, we automatically think about the seaside, a Mediterranean landscape, clear sky, and warm waves.  Painting your door in blue you will give the passovers that feeling of freedom each time they see your door.

Gary McBournie, from Nantucket, was inspired by nature and chose this bold color for his door. He affirms: “When I did this house thirty miles out at sea, it seemed only natural to include a blue or two in the palette. And, when used against drifts of blooming hydrangea, the effect is magical!”

Grassy Green

A grassy green front door will also be a bold choice, one that will bring back childhood memories. Bordered by bright white, the grassy green reminds us of our grandmother’s door which was always open. Once you enter, the fun begins.


Imagine a white, fancy cottage with a lime-green door, surrounded by plants. A small dose of a daring hue, such as this surprising chartreuse tone, creates a dramatic look-at-me-now presence.


A classic cottage in Born auf dem Darß is given a vibrant twist with its green, red, and yellow front door, complete with delicate patterns and plant motifs.

Red Frame Glass Door

Forget about the white frame that goes with everything. Frame your glass door in a bold red hue, a color that will surely stand out against all the front door from the neighborhood.


You have conservative tastes, but you had your fair share of black and gray and you decided it’s time for a change. You’ll be happy to know that navy is more inviting than black and gray and your guests will feel welcome if you chose this paint color from Olympic.


Soft and sweet, this light color from Behr makes a subtle statement against white, light gray, or beige siding or brick.

Pale Pink

This pale pink is best on a blank canvas. Without any shutters or a front porch, this ballet pink is able to take center stage of this historical colonial. A few pops of pink flowers is all it takes to take this color up a notch.

Deep Plum

This rich color works wonderfully for Georgian architecture. The Georgian house’s roots go back to a style popular during the reign of King George. As you may know, this deep plum color is often associated with royalty.

Now it is easier than ever to find the inspiration for our dream house. Choose your favorite eye-catching color for your front door and make your dream a reality.

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