Total refurbishment for an apartment in Brazil by Oficina Conceito Arquitetura

Architects: Oficina Conceito Arquitetura
Location: Rua General João Telles, Brazil
Year: 2017
Area: 688 ft²/ 64 m²
Photo courtesy: Marcelo Donadussi

“It is in the heart of the neighborhood Bom Fim, nice neighborhood of Porto Alegre, which is located this apartment that was totally refurbished for a young couple of doctors. They had occupied the apartment for some time and decided to invest in the renovation to integrate the kitchen with the living room, modernize the spaces and organize the great amount of elements that was part of the daily life of the couple.

We repositioned the kitchen, reformed the bathrooms with low cost and used the office as a connector between intimate and social area. The use of color and some shelves that surround this volume as a form of support of paintings, objects and books make us soon have the perception that there is the heart of the project.

The interest of the couple for music, literature, films and obviously for the beautiful dog the “Pacha” is stamped in the great art of Suyê, local artist that we invite to make the mural of the entrance wall. The result is a balance between colors and elements that changes the way we perceive the spaces of the apartment, making it more organized, practical and beautiful!”