Introverted house which integrates regional materiality elements located in San Pedro Cholula, Mexico

Architects: Estudio Tecalli, Proyecto Cafeína
Location: San Pedro Cholula, Mexico
Area: 1.270 ft²/ 118 m²
Photo courtesy: Patrick Lopez, Roberto Martínez

“Designed from a high tech, local handmade perspective. This residence integrates regional materiality elements like the red brick due to the closeness of the local brick producers in San Pedro Cholula.

The material is arranged in an artisanal way, allowing expressive geometry due to the modular repetition. This introverted house incorporates natural lighting through the lattice and window openings defined by the interior programme and outside relevant views.

The inside space is articulated through a central lounge that integrates living room, dining room, kitchen and the main bedroom in the second level. Serving as a vestibule to the top floor programme: Service areas, guest bedroom, and roof garden. All surrounding an inner courtyard for an adequate lighting and ventilation.”