House W by Wolfertstetter Architektur

House W by Wolfertstetter Architektur

Architects: Wolfertstetter Architektur
Location: Dorfen, Germany
Year: 2014
Area: 1.625 sqft / 151 sqm
Photo courtesy: Matthias Kestel

The house is situated in a sloping moraine scene east of Munich on the edge of a town. South and west, the perspective opens to the scene through scattered homesteads, the town is arranged north-east of the property. We chose to make a semi-community zone, which is circumscribed by the house and garage. The greenhouse range is from one viewpoint avoided the road, then again it opens in the meantime towards the farmland toward the south and west. The house reacts similarly on this circumstance by orientating the 60m² expansive façade opening toward the south-west. You go into the house through a specialty in the façade, from which as of now falls the perspective through the house into the patio nursery and the private division.


The design on the ground floor creates around a focal square in which a boundary free washroom and building gear are housed. Along the north veneer runs a profound wardrobe to give storage room in this house without storm cellar. 66% of the groundfloor zone is involved by an open kitchen, eating and living territory, which join spatially over the extensive glass surfaces with the outside space. This part of the house is completely a two-story space. By means of the stairs you achieve a prolonged display upstairs. Here is a working space arranged which likewise gives the perspective over the fields and is supplied through bay windows with sunlight. In the back of the display there are two rooms with a restroom as most private zones in the house.


The heap bearing dividers and roof boards were made solely in strong wood development. The façade-development on the south side likewise bears the rooftop, it was conceivable to manage without extra backings before the exterior. Likewise under the exhibition could be abstained from column, by the display railing was built as a supporting glulam bar holding the roof board over the fundamental floor around forty feet along the long side of the house.


The material wood was utilized for the development, additionally for earth economical reasons, as protection in exterior, rooftop and floor plate. The exterior cladding in untreated larch has taken after this idea. The parapets of the loggias on the first floor are incorporated subtly in the passing cladding.


Because of the high protection impact of the wooden structure in blend with the wood fleece protection sheets alongside a triple coating a KFW 40 standard has been accomplished. The building is warmed by means of a kindling pellet half breed heater which supplies both the residential boiling hot water readiness, and in addition the underfloor warming through a cradle. Adjusting the general natural idea with a focal ventilation framework with warmth recuperation and geothermal warmth exchanger and in addition a sunlight based authorities on the rooftop for warming backing.


Around 90 tons of CO2 have been pulled back over the long haul of the air and put away in the house in the roughly 90m³ assembled development timber alone. The material wood created in its generation no outflows, vitality utilization for the preparing of the building material is diminished to the vehicle, rather than the vitality concentrated generation of concrete or blocks.


The surfaces in the house emerge to a great extent from the still obvious wooden shell, which creates a warm and extremely human happy with living atmosphere. Just chose dividers and roofs were lined with plasterboard, to cover the electrical establishments. The floors all through the house are made of oak parquet industry supports. The material is outlined as a stainless steel standing crease material. Another configuration topic is availability for elderly and in this manner additionally manageability being used of the house at the age. The ground floor is along these lines outlined as an autonomously working, boundary free condo with a room and a wheelchair-available lavatory.

House-W-by-Wolfertstetter-Architektur-07 House-W-by-Wolfertstetter-Architektur-08 House-W-by-Wolfertstetter-Architektur-09 House-W-by-Wolfertstetter-Architektur-10 House-W-by-Wolfertstetter-Architektur-11 House-W-by-Wolfertstetter-Architektur-12 House-W-by-Wolfertstetter-Architektur-13 House-W-by-Wolfertstetter-Architektur-14 House-W-by-Wolfertstetter-Architektur-15 House-W-by-Wolfertstetter-Architektur-16 House-W-by-Wolfertstetter-Architektur-17 House-W-by-Wolfertstetter-Architektur-18 House-W-by-Wolfertstetter-Architektur-19 House-W-by-Wolfertstetter-Architektur-20 House-W-by-Wolfertstetter-Architektur-21 House-W-by-Wolfertstetter-Architektur-22

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