eHouse by Axelrod Architects

eHouse by Axelrod Architects

Architects: Axelrod Architects
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Year: 2010
Area: 5.382 sqft / 500 sqm
Photo courtesy: Amit Geron

eHouse is a solitary family house that acquires from two customs in construction modeling – a Mediterranean stylish of sun and light and a moderate order of line and plane.


The outline shows an amazing utilization of that most cutting edge of materials, cement. The center of the house, both thoughtfully and basically, is a few vertical and flat planes. Adroitly, the vertical planes characterize the tomahawks of the house and the even planes the spatial volume. Fundamentally, the solid components bolster each other design surface, dominatingly glass and drywall.


The broad utilization of glass permits that most Mediterranean component, daylight, to penetrate into each room. Whether, immediate, roundabout, or separated, light fills this house. Numerous littler coated territories uncover shrouded perspectives of outside patio nursery. An extensive 14 meter spread of glass surges the principle living/eating/kitchen region with sunlight. The whole 14 meter window framework can even be moved back to make one super room of indoor and open air space.


In arrangement, the house is characterized by two tomahawks; one running longwise through the principle living space and one opposite from the fundamental access to the staircase. The longitudinal hub is reflected in the rooftop plane with a long sky facing window that runs the whole length of the house. The transverse pivot is punctuated with an emotional front passageway of flat wooden supports and cantilevered covering.


The private area of the house contains six room/examines. The main room, a large portion of a flight over the primary level, seems to glide over whatever is left of the house. Its cantilevered floor section with a meter of vertical glass underneath it finishes the deception of delicacy. Three kids’ rooms are on the fundamental level and two visitor/study rooms are set on the least level.


The site is stunningly arranged and incorporates a few decks and a reflecting pool. Since the site is involved two standard Tel Aviv parcels, broad open air space was accessible for these site enhancements. The position of fenestration inside of the house makes full utilization of the perspectives to the outside and makes inside perspective hallways every step of the way.


The substantial floor arrangement of 500 square meters (5,000 square feet) offered expression to a streaming principle level with sufficient open door for outside living. The excellence of the eHouse is the marriage of decency and moderate/Mediterranean outline sense.

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