Luxury Penthouse in The Carlyle Residences by Premier Stagers

Luxury Penthouse in The Carlyle Residences by Premier Stagers

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Area: 3,535 sqft
Photo courtesy: Maxime Jacquet

This residence is located on the 21st floor, and was created by Premier Stagers’ founders Summer Chápin and Hollywood Hunk Designer Maxime Jacquet. Guests enjoyed champagne and hors d’oeuvres while taking in south, east and west-facing vistas from the home’s floor to ceiling windows and exploring a generous floor plan spanning 3,535 square feet.


Drawing their inspiration from a handful of design sources while incorporating Maxime Jacquet’s unique design vision, Premier Stagers has outfitted the home with over $420,000 worth of artwork, lighting, furnishings and décor from the crème de la crème of the LA design scene including ModShop, Baker, Art Angels, Melrose Gallery and Modern Rugs LA.


Hand-selected art pieces including images of pop icons Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and film classic The Magnificent Seven adorn the living spaces and bedroom walls, provided by Art Angels, while a modern aesthetic augmented by the sophisticated color palette of creams, white, silver, black and gold permeate the space. In the dining room, Premier Stagers has decidedly paired eight ornate white and gold chairs from Melrose Gallery together with an Eco Slab Table from ModShop in a natural Acacia wood finish.


The living room is adorned with an oversized white bamboo silk rug from Modern Rugs LA, a crisp white sofa paired with four sofa chairs provided by Premier Stagers, and two Diva Cocktail Tables finished in black lacquer from Baker. Other standout pieces adorn the bedrooms – in the master, there are two blown glass table lamps and a chandelier from Melrose Gallery together with Italian-made Crystal Ball Floor Lamps from Baker and Jet Setter side tables from ModShop; and in the third bedroom, a tufted Chesterfield sofa in cream from ModShop and two gray ottomans from Premier Stagers. Other décor throughout includes plush seating in the master baths, Alcapa-inspired rugs and bedding, and fun accessories from Louis Vuitton and elegant lighting.


In addition to sumptuous furnishings and an open floor plan, the residence also features The Carlyle’s signature double door entry from its private, keyless elevator foyer, stunning floor to ceiling windows in every room, a 42-inch fireplace and in home laundry.

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