Beautiful Baby Nursery Ideas That You Will Absolutely Love

Beautiful Baby Nursery Ideas

With all the options and nursery design trends available, a baby’s nursery no longer has to be a traditional, pastel-colored affair. If you love modern design, we’ve compiled a collection of  baby nursery ideas that are cool enough for baby to love and design-conscious adults to appreciate, too.

Here are our favorite baby nursery ideas: 

Find a Cool Crib 

When selecting a crib, there are many new and modern designs to choose from. Try something modern or different, like an oval crib.

Consider using a crib that converts into baby’s first bed when a crib is outgrown. And because the crib is the most used item in a nursery, order it ahead of time. Delays happen, cribs get damaged during the delivery process and you want to allow yourself the time required for any unexpected delays.

Grey is the New Yellow

If the sex of your baby is a surprise, go with timeless and modern grey as your nursery’s main color. Grey works with any bold accent shade making it modern but classic. And for the most visual bang, try layering different grey shades and patterns.

Utilize Bold Colors and Patterns 

Good news for modern design lovers, soft pastels are not the best nursery choice. According to parenting guru Dr. Sears:

“The best way you as a parent can stimulate baby’s vision is using black and white stripes or light and dark contrasting colors. So what about those nice soft pastels that used to be so popular in baby toys and nurseries? While these may look pretty to you, they do nothing visually for your baby. Research has proven that black and white contrasts register powerfully on baby’s retina and send the strongest visual signals to baby’s brain. Stronger signals mean more brain growth and faster visual development.”

And black and white are not the only colors that babies are attracted to. Any bold, contrasting colors in graphic patterns will work.

Great places to include pattern are:

  • a wallpaper or mural wall
  • upholstery and other textiles
  • an area rug

Don’t Ignore the Ceiling

Now that you know how important contrast and pattern are to baby, add impact where baby notices most – the ceiling.

Add Motion in Fun Ways

Babies love to be rocked to sleep. And adults don’t mind the soothing effect of rocking, either. Why not rock baby to sleep by using a hanging chair or cool, contemporary rocker?

Design a Nursery That Can Grow With The Baby

Select modular furniture that can be used beyond the first year. Many crib styles nowadays convert into children’s beds, while changing tables are often a regular dresser with a detachable dressing table top.

And don’t forget to add fun elements to a nursery like a tent or animal rocking horse that baby can use as he/she grows into a toddler.

Fully Commit to a Nursery Theme

When deciding on your baby’s nursery theme, be bold and fully commit to your theme. Use elements of the theme on the walls, in the accessories and the rest of the decor. That’s what makes so many of the featured nursery ideas in the featured gallery so appealing. Hanging kids wall decoration art is an excellent way to add a touch of whimsy and fun to your space without making major changes in the room. Whether you opt for something bright and bold, or choose something more subtle and subdued, a wall art that’s created specifically with kids in mind can be a great alternative to wallpapering the entire wall.

Customize A Baby’s Nursery With Their Name

Find creative ways to display baby’s name in their room. Some ideas include:

  • Framed letters on the wall
  • Monogrammed sheets or pillows
  • Accessories with baby’s initials or name
  • Baby’s name in marquis light-up letters that double as a night light

Dont forget that the nursery is the perfect place to introduce your baby to a lifelong love of good design.

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