Tasty Tips For Planning Out a Galley Kitchen


Tasty Tips For Planning Out a Galley Kitchen

We as humans tend to come up with a great array of home design trends, from open-plan living to capsule homes. But galley kitchens – the next big craze – are in a league of their own. A friend of seafarers and master chefs alike, homeowners everywhere are embracing galley kitchen designs into their homes. If you’re looking to jump ship and make some much-needed gallery updates to your current kitchen set-up, here are a few things you’ll need to consider.



Galley kitchens have always been defined by their versatility and functionality. For this reason, you’ll want to equip your kitchen with a diverse range of quality kitchen supplies and accessories. We’re of course talking about double-basin sinks, and sleek and energy-efficient ovens, stovetops, and range hoods. If you’re designing from scratch, this will mean putting some thought into the positioning of your kitchen appliances alongside the general layout of your kitchen space too. For instance, would you want a kitchen island with a built-in sink and cupboard space, or would you benefit from an ‘L-shaped’ bench that houses all your appliances together as well as boasting built-in cupboards and fixed shelves?

On the other hand, if you’re working with a pre-existing kitchen layout and are looking to transform it into a galley set-up, it’s worthwhile taking some time to assess your kitchen space and how you’ve been using it. For example, if you’ve gotten into the habit of prepping ingredients in a specific position (i.e. by your stovetop), consider whether you may benefit from more prep space and act accordingly. It’s all about maximising the versatility of your space so that it perfectly caters to your cooking habits.


Using vertical space

When it comes to space-saving and being spatially economic, galley kitchens are ahead of the curve! And if you’re looking to embrace the design principles of these economic spaces, you’ll also need to allow yourself to get comfortable with the lifestyle that comes with it. The best way to start this process is by becoming acquainted with the idea of utilising your kitchen’s vertical space. There is a myriad of ways to use your vertical space, and we’re not just talking about tall cupboards and pull-out shelving in your pantries here. We’re talking about investing in a multilevel drying rack, flexible spice racks, and maybe even growing fresh herbs in hanging baskets. Even small, traditional space-saving tips like hanging pots and pans on hooks or racks, and installing corner shelving, can make a world of difference when it comes to maximising space in a galley set-up. It’s all about being creative and innovative, and finding what works best for you!


Introduce seating

Finally, you could potentially even take the galley kitchen to places it’s very rarely seen before by cultivating a built-in breakfast nook or bar-style seating. Due to their narrow nature, galley kitchens are quite easy to keep uncluttered and orderly, meaning that they are usually perfect settings for hosting guests. With a few minor decorations like small pieces of wall art and some benchtop decor, your galley kitchen can be a fantastic space for hosting intimate dinner parties or lunch and brunch catch-ups. It’s definitely worth taking some time to play with a number of different some layout ideas as well as shop around for seating that suits your kitchen’s interior design style and atmosphere. You should definitely trial introducing seating before making any big purchases however, just to gauge how many seats you’ll be able to fit without making your guests feel cramped. If there’s just space for one or two seats for meals, chances are high you’ll be able to fit in more seats if you use your seating space as a bar or for serving beverages only. Either outcome is equally positive, as you’re still able to utilise this fantastic space for hosting!


If you’ve been able to embrace these little tips and tricks, chances are you’ll find yourself standing in a galley kitchen that’s been custom-made to suit you and your family’s needs in next to no time at all!

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