Things You Should Never Store Under the Bed

Under the Bed Storage

Under-bed storage is the best of both worlds: Hiding shoes, clothes, and bedding is a quickly accessible solution for items you use every now and then, but it also keeps these sparingly-used things totally out of sight when you’re not using them.

While using the space under your bed is often practical, there are some things that just shouldn’t be stored there. Here are a few of them:

Items that are too heavy

Not only do you want to avoid lifting super-heavy items from your bedroom floor (ouch!); keeping heavy things in a storage bin could also scratch the floors by weighing the bins down.

Storage boxes without wheels

If your hard-shell boxes don’t glide, they will scratch uncarpeted floors when you pull them out. If your storage bins don’t have wheels on them, you can invest in some self-stick felt feet to prevent scratching.

Clothes that aren’t in a sealed container 

In general, always store clothes and other linens in storage boxes. (Rule of thumb: Look for long, low, plastic boxes that open on top and either side). You don’t want dust to accumulate on your out-of-season garments!

Bulky sweaters and jackets

Unless these cold-weather items are in vacuum-sealed bags, they’ll probably take up too much room below your bed. It’s understandable you want these things out of your main bedroom closet, but it wouldn’t hurt to store them in a less-cramped area away from your usual clothes storage.

Empty suitcases

Suitcases belong in the basement or out-of-bedroom storage spaces… unless they’re doing their part too. Why not fill the suitcases and make your below-the-bed space work extra hard?

Items you use frequently

Why store shoes or clothes you use often under the bed if you’re going to be bending down to reach for them constantly? Unless you don’t have other storage options, think about keeping more-commonly used belongings (things you use at least once a week) in a closet, wardrobe, or dresser instead.

Anything you’ll forget about

Under-bed storage is great for items like holiday decorations and seasonal clothing you’ll reach for at least a few times a year, but don’t let this accessible space become just another storage black hole! If you don’t see these unused items as often, you’ll be less likely to purge on a regular basis, which can cause unnecessary clutter to build up.

Extra linens (or anything you’re going to need late at night)

This one may seem counter-intuitive, but for noise purposes, it makes perfect sense. If you live in a duplex or apartment (or if your room is above someone else’s), you may want to avoid dragging a potentially loud storage box out for a late-night bedding change.

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