Stylish Apartment in Heraklion by Constantinos Moraitakis

Stylish Apartment in Heraklion by Constantinos Moraitakis

Architects: Constantinos Moraitakis
Location: Crete, Greece
Area: 1,080 sqft
Photo courtesy: Theodore Senetakis

The historic architecture of the internal scalability tends to degrade both the theoretical and the factual content of the so-called minimalism (minimalism), focusing more on the emergence of sentient somatopoiimenon needs of modern man. In this way, the search for new sightings design that will meet the current needs of the individual, with the aim of fostering a peculiar sense of intimacy between the architecture and the user becomes imperative.


The search, then, is not helpful to the realization is a transcendental minimal style beyond human measure, but on the basis of making the somatopoiimenis sensual perception of the individual within the environment which is experiencing everyday life. Subject to the foregoing, Constantinos Moraitakis proceeded to the completion of the internal architecture of an apartment in Heraklion, Crete, where special attention was paid to the emergence of clean shapes and lines without compromising itself ëconcept of functionality and ergonomics.


Within the space of the apartment dominates the granularity of location areas (kitchen, dining room and office) without obscuring the cohesive character. This pragmatothike to the original design to be receptive to the upcoming changes and adapt to new needs. This is because demand Constantinos Moraitakis inside a modern home affairs should their environments not to break up into smaller parts, but structured as a biological organism, which prescribes less matter and more spirit. Because the interior design does not need artificial constructions, but from annihilation and the purity and clarity of ideas.


Ideas such that their content has the potential both to give shape to the unintelligible dreams of the person and to transform the conceptual approaches to spatial material and present structured habitat. Concluding the design of this particular department rejects any morphological redundancy, giving priority to the achievement of a single rationality, essentially reconstructing modern terms functional primitives. Constantinos Moraitakis deals with the internal architecture of residences, offices, shops and showrooms of high standards.


During the operation, Constantinos Moraitakis distinguished by its emphasis on the particular design and thorough supervision of interior design. Each project is studied in detail in addressing the overall internal morphological character requirements and needs of the client ñ the user, providing solutions-oriented functionality and ergonomics along with craftsmanship and aesthetics.


Watching closely the developments of interior design worldwide, Constantinos Moraitakis seek and create innovative solutions tailored to the specifics of each project. This is imperative considering the scalability of modern residential architecture in the habitat of most post-modern era where it tends to the respondent `epanaepinoisei this content.

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