NYC Downtown Loft by Adi Gershoni Studio

NYC Downtown Loft by Adi Gershoni Studio

Architects: Adi Gershoni Studio
Location: New York City, USA
Area: 2,200 sqft
Photo courtesy: Bjorg Magnea

NYC Loft – A downtown loft with a challenging-shaped space and complex client requirements that included his and her offices, a den, a guest room, a sitting room transformable to a second guest space and space for a large book collection. The result is a highly efficient planed space that is luxurious and meticulously detailed.

NYC-Loft-01 NYC-Loft-02 NYC-Loft-03 NYC-Loft-04 NYC-Loft-05 NYC-Loft-06 NYC-Loft-07 NYC-Loft-08 NYC-Loft-09 NYC-Loft-10 NYC-Loft-11 NYC-Loft-12 NYC-Loft-13 NYC-Loft-14 NYC-Loft-15 NYC-Loft-16

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