Why a Good Paint Job is a Wise Business Investment

Why a Good Paint Job is a Wise Business Investment


Have you invested in a professional paint job for your business, or do you hire the cheapest contractor you can find? While saving money is good, cheap paint jobs can turn into a disaster.

Although it’s easy to find someone to do a basic paint job for little to no money, it’s better to get a professional paint job for the following reasons.


1. Aesthetics matter

In a perfect world, looks wouldn’t matter. In reality, everyone judges a business by its looks, even if that judgment is subconscious. If your business looks worn down and unmaintained, some people will perceive your business as somewhat trashy.

 If your business is supposed to look like a well-worn farmhouse, it’s okay to have cracked and peeling paint. However, if you’re not going for that antique, rustic barnyard look, you need a good paint job.

A good paint job includes the inside and outside of your business. Thankfully, most commercial painters will tackle both projects. For example, Vancouver painting company PLE Painting regularly transforms interiors and exteriors of businesses to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

Take a good look at your paint job – inside and out – and see if it’s time for an upgrade.


2. A great paint job is also preventive maintenance 

How many times do you want to repaint your building’s exterior? If you settle for a cheap paint job, you’ll be repainting more often than you’d like. Each time you repaint to make up for a bad paint job, you’re spending money you shouldn’t have to spend. 

Getting a professional, high-quality paint job from the start is a form of preventive maintenance. Buildings deteriorate over time. Paint will peel, melt, and chip over time.

Getting a new paint job is unavoidable – at some point, you’ll have no choice. However, you do have a choice in who you hire to complete the job. Hire a professional painter from the beginning, and you won’t have to scramble to repaint sooner than expected.


3. A new paint job is an opportunity to rebrand

If you’ve rebranded your company, your paint job should reflect that rebrand. Once you rebrand, it doesn’t make sense to continue creating an outdated aesthetic experience for your customers.

Getting a professional paint job that reflects your new branding will help you create your desired atmosphere for your customers. You’ll earn more trust and make a better impression when customers perceive consistency throughout your storefront and your online presence.

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4. You can make a statement with paint

If you want to make a statement to your customers or the world, you can do that with a professional paint job. Just make sure your statement is tasteful and serves a purpose. For example, say you donate 3% of your profits to a specific charity. It makes sense to paint your business with that charity’s colors and/or slogans to show your support.

 When your paint job reflects your support for a charitable organization, you’ll capture more positive attention from customers and the public in general.

Unless you sell silly products where people expect your store to look ridiculous, it’s probably not a good idea to paint your business with crazy colors just to be seen. Entire neighborhoods have sued neighbors over paint jobs.


5. Aesthetics contribute to the overall customer experience

Today’s customers don’t just want a product – they want a sensory experience. That sensory experience begins with their visual perception of your business from the moment they enter your parking lot.

Your style is part of your product identity, which contributes to your economic value. An aesthetically pleasing environment communicates messages, which increases your ability to connect with your customers and persuade them to make a purchase.

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6. A great paint job will differentiate your business 

Differentiating yourself from the competition is a multi-faceted task, and you’d be surprised how much you can accomplish with paint.

Say you’re a chiropractor and you want to differentiate your practice from other doctors in your area. You can use paint to accomplish that goal. For instance, how many chiropractic office walls are painted with the same old off-white color? Probably the majority. When people walk into the office, they don’t have any reason to feel like they’re anywhere special.

Your office, on the other hand, can be painted to capture attention, evoke a specific mood, and make people smile. By simply painting your walls in a way that evokes a specific emotional response, you’ll set yourself apart from the competition. People will feel like they’re somewhere special when they walk into your office.


Don’t skip the paint professionals 

Considering the amount of paint jobs that go wrong when people hire cheap labor, getting a professional paint job is a wise business investment.

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