5 Must-Know Challenges of Moving Out of State

Out-of-State Risks Out of Sight? 5 Must-Know Challenges of Moving Out of State

For many, the prospect of relocating out of state and starting anew is exhilarating. Between neighborhoods ready for exploring, a brand new home to decorate, and unique cultures to engulf yourself in, moving out of your hometown can be life-altering. However, the process of packing up your belongings and hauling your life to a brand new city can be highly stressful and challenging without proper preparations. Though it may be tempting to rush the process due to excitement, taking ample time to plan and execute each step is critical if you want to bypass catastrophic complications.  Read on for five out-of-state moving challenges and how to avoid them at all costs. 


1. Finding a reputable auto transportation provider

An essential out-of-state moving to-do list item many people overlook is finding a reputable auto transportation provider. While it may seem like a simple task, hiring a shipping company that works within your budget, fulfills your specific needs, and can transport your vehicle to your new home state can be tricky. Unfortunately, some people fall victim to scammers or partner with a low-tier company, leaving them with damaged or stolen vehicles.  


Fortunately, you can avoid costly run-ins with illegitimate companies by researching customer reviews, comparing quotes, and inquiring about business policies. During your internet digging, make sure the auto shipping provider specializes in shipping cars to another state, offers insurance plans for protection, and uses checks or credit cards instead of wire transferring. That way, your vehicles will arrive on time and damage-free. 


2. Staying on schedule

Unfortunately, there are bound to be bumps in the road when it comes to selling your home—no matter how diligent your preparation efforts are. One of the most frustratingly common dilemmas buyers relocating out of state face is aligning the sale of their old house with their new residence. Without a carefully planned timeline, you could end up with an extra mortgage payment while you scramble to sell your previous home. Or, you may find yourself house-less if you finalize too early without securing your new property. 


To bypass awkward waiting periods or last-minute clambers, make sure you keep tabs on closing dates and overlap periods to ensure your schedule remains on track. 


3. Hiring reputable long-distance movers 

When you’re relocating out of state, you need to ensure the moving company you partner with is well versed in long-distance moves. If you skip this step, you may find yourself contractually bound to a business without the means or experience to ship your items safely. To ensure your valuables arrive at your new home in mint condition, compare multiple companies, look up customer reviews, and ask about specific insurance policies.

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4. Limited touring abilities when buying a new home

If you’re purchasing a home out of state, touring your new property and periodic in-person check in’s can be difficult to schedule while you’re across the country in a completely different city. Unfortunately, many people experience unexpected roadblocks because they cannot take a day trip and investigate potential complications. Though ironing out the details from hundreds of miles away can be tricky, you can sidestep significant homebuying mishaps by hiring a well-known real estate agent and checking the status of your home frequently. 

5. Planning a budget around price differentials

When you move, a critical aspect to pin down early on is your budget restrictions and expectations to ensure you can feasibly and responsibly relocate without draining the bank. However, evaluating your expenses can be challenging if cost-of-living discrepancies exist between your new and old town. Make sure you account for any differences, like home prices, increased taxes, or higher rates for cross-state movers. Additionally, consider setting aside an emergency fund to account for any unexpected costs. 

Final thoughts – Challenges of Moving Out

Although moving out of state can create additional roadblocks on top of routine moving detours, you can avoid significant setbacks and inconveniences by preparing early on in the process. Make sure you research reputable movers ahead of time, pin down your schedule to a T, and plan a budget with an emergency fund to clear relocation obstacles with ease. 

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