Unique home with beautiful wooden walls on its exterior in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan

Architects: Fujiwaramuro Architects
Location: Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
Area: 818 ft²/ 76 m²
Photography: ©Fujiwaramuro

“It is a house of a flat shop built in a residential area on the outskirts of Hiroshima city. In the occasion of retirement of work, the owner decides to build an old residence on the land used as a field. For hope of residence, we would like to be a house where two couples can live and enjoy growing planting.

It became a goods store in the future, there was a big space where galleries and workshops could be formed, and I wanted to place a big table in the middle of the house. From such hope, we proposed a house with a tree-lined street outside the house. Outside the building, building a wide dirt that connects with the house, and having plants and trees in and around the dirt, there are small avenues.

The tree-lane is connected to the house and the circle. In addition, it is said that there is attachment to the original mimosa tree, which is planned to make use of it. Considering the balance between the view spreading over the road side of the site, the daylighting from the south side and the privacy from the neighbour, we arrange the building arrangement somewhat diagonally. Considering that people gather, the kitchen is open. The study is also integrated with the living dining when opening the fittings and it is made widely usable.”

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