Sorrento Residence by Carlisle Homes

Sorrento Residence by Carlisle Homes

Architects: Carlisle Homes
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Area: 4,176 sqft
Photo courtesy: Carlisle Homes

This spectacular design combines huge living areas and endless entertaining options for a 14m frontage. A prestige two storey family home, the Sorrento boasts four beautifully appointed bedrooms offering ample private space for the whole family.

Sorrento-01 Sorrento-02 Sorrento-03 Sorrento-04 Sorrento-05 Sorrento-06 Sorrento-07 Sorrento-08 Sorrento-09 Sorrento-10 Sorrento-11 Sorrento-12 Sorrento-13 Sorrento-14 Sorrento-15 Sorrento-16 Sorrento-17 Sorrento-18 Sorrento-19 Sorrento-20 Sorrento-21 Sorrento-22 Sorrento-23 Sorrento-24 Sorrento-25 Sorrento-26 Sorrento-27 Sorrento-28 Sorrento-29 Sorrento-30 Sorrento-31 Sorrento-32 Sorrento-33 Sorrento-34 Sorrento-35 Sorrento-36 Sorrento-37 Sorrento-38 Sorrento-39 Sorrento-40 Sorrento-41

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