4 Types of Eco-Friendly Furniture You Should Buy

4 Types of Eco-Friendly Furniture You Should Buy

When you’re shopping for some fantastic brand new furniture, you want something that screams “quality” without being overly expensive or ornate. But, did you know you can get elegant, well-constructed furniture that’s also eco-friendly? Natural and organic furniture is becoming much more common, and it’s a great way to get the best furniture for your home that doesn’t contain formaldehyde, VOCs, or other dangerous compounds. If you’re currently in the market for eco-friendly furniture, here are suggestions for four different types that might work (and look) great for your home.

Organic and Eco-Friendly Furniture Defined

Before diving into the deep end of the world of eco-friendly furniture, you might wonder what it is in the first place. Simply put, eco-friendly furniture is constructed with minimal chemicals (such as formaldehyde) and with more environmentally friendly materials. This might be reclaimed wood or recycled concrete. Bamboo is another suitable material that makes for great, durable furniture. Recycled materials are also consistently used in this type of furniture. Cork is lightweight, durable, and waterproof. 

Hemp is another one of those miracle materials as it can overgrow and is pretty strong. Upholstery made from cotton, wool, buckwheat filler, and latex is also sustainable. There’s even some cardboard furniture out there, but it’s more of a niche than anything else. However, there are specific guidelines to follow when constructing such furniture. The Sustainable Furnishings Council was formed in 2006 to oversee and help create a guide to making more sustainable furniture for everyone.


Eco-friendly sofas are made from recycled materials and other sustainable things like fiber, cotton, and linen. Instead of polyurethane or polyester, these sofas will use Global Organic Textile Standard certified materials. Most will also feature solid wood construction and a natural cushion fill (latex, down, feathers, and so on). Because you’ll spend a lot of time on a sofa, making sure it’s comfortable is essential. But ensuring it’s free from toxic flame retardants and other chemicals is even more critical. Taking the time to ensure you’re buying an eco-friendly couch that will last a long time will be better for your health and your wallet in the long run.

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Chairs, a key component of both home and office furniture, are the cornerstone of any room. Everyone probably has at least a few of them in most parts of the house. Many eco-friendly chairs are made from reclaimed wood or from scrap wood that may have been left around. They also won’t contain VOCs, and by using upcycled materials, they minimize the amount of dangerous chemicals used in their construction. Chairs made from recycled materials are just as comfortable as any other, so consider switching to them today.


Sleep is one of the most important things we do every day. It recharges and rejuvenates us while getting us prepared for the upcoming day. A high-quality mattress is essential to get a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, many mattresses are made from polyester and polyurethane and contain springs, Flame retardants, and other types of materials that aren’t necessarily friendly to the environment. A natural mattress subverts all of that with environmentally and eco-friendly construction.

Typically using a mix of cotton, wool, latex, and occasionally buckwheat, these mattresses are made from entirely sustainable and 100% environmentally friendly materials. They’re also highly comfortable. It’s easier than ever to get a natural, organic mattress, and there are plenty of reasons to do so.

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First, they’re a good investment because they last a very long time and are pretty durable. Instead of running away in a landfill somewhere, one of these mattresses will be biodegradable after you’re done using it. The different types of mattresses you can get offer a pretty wide variety. Most of these mattresses are handcrafted, meaning that the dedication to quality and high standards is always present in their design/construction. Switching to a natural mattress is probably one of the best things we can do individually for the environment and make the world a better place.


Just like chairs, tables are an essential part of any home. Tables are also very easy to make from sustainable materials. Since the table was essentially just a large wooden surface attached to legs, reclaimed wood is a great way to create one. You can buy tables made from recycled materials fairly easily both online and at various stores. Investing now and something durable and high quality keeps old furniture out of landfills, which ultimately saves the environment a little bit more. Prolonging the use of your current furniture is essential to reducing your carbon footprint and making the world a better place. Using eco-friendly, environmentally safe furniture like tables are one way to do precisely that.

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