Birds Nest Residence by Brent Kendle

Birds Nest Residence by Brent Kendle

Architects: Kendle Design Collaborative
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
Area: 5,500 sqft

The Birds Nest Residence is described by solid geometric structures and materials reminiscent of mid-century present day construction modeling with impacts from Richard Neutra and noted Arizona draftsman Al Beadle.

bn_210114_05The managing standards of the present day bosses are clear in the building’s spotless effortlessness and complex mix into the site.

bn_210114_01The utilization of regular materials and the mless relationship of inside to the outside spaces make a breezy sentiment openness and a far reaching quality. The vast open space of the Great Room and its immediate relationship to the nearby pool porch serves as the sorting out key. This tall focal volume has an unhindered visual connection to the Kitchen and Dining spaces and also to both the encased front patio and the pool porch.

bn_210114_02All rooms, including “flying creatures home” on the second floor, have admittance to a private patio, porch or outside space that give the living arrangement a cozy scale. The local desert plants and trees serve as a counterpoint to mellow the intense geometry and rectilinear building structures. The site dividers are mindfully coordinated into the scene outline making quiet yards while keeping up the proprietor’s longing for privacy.

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