6th 1448 Houghton Residence by SAOTA and ARRCC

6th 1448 Houghton by SAOTA and ARRCC

Architects: SAOTA and ARRCC
Location: Houghton, Johannesburg, South Africa
Year: 2012
Photo courtesy: Adam Letch, Elsa Young

The brief was to make a home for an expanded Johannesburg crew. Arranged in Houghton on a delicate slant, the site is encompassed by trees and has sees from the upper levels. The site was split into two separate destinations composed around a typical passageway and carport giving access to both houses. The houses have a U-molded arrangement sorted out around an inner patio and permits access to the majority of the living spaces and the swimming pool. A punctured divider isolates people in general forecourt from the private spaces.

Houghton-01Inside the spaces turn around a focal volume with a strip like winding stair. The living spaces, kitchen and private greenery enclosure are toward the north, while the diversions room, pool and exercise center are toward the west. These spaces interface with the yard which thusly unites back to the principle house and its living spaces.


On account of the west-bound façade, an arrangement of substantial screens, which drop beneath the level of the first floor piece, give shade and assurance from the setting sun. Consideration was likewise taken in selecting execution glass that would minimize the effect of direct sun. The rooms and study are on the upper level. The entry to the kids’ room keeps running along the punctured divider that isolates the building from the garage.


ARRCC were designated to make a contemporary inside which expected to mirror their family way of life. The stylistic layout and furniture chose are present day and have solid lines to supplement the direct construction modeling. Various bespoke furniture pieces were outlined by OKHA Interiors. Unbiased palettes with accent hues have been utilized all through. Solid realistic mats add show and composition to the rooms which counterbalance against the strong engineering surfaces. Curated workmanship by South African specialists amongst others Lyndi Sales and Philip Barlow have been put all through the house.


Houghton-05 Houghton-06 Houghton-07 Houghton-08 Houghton-09 Houghton-10 Houghton-11 Houghton-12 Houghton-13 Houghton-14 Houghton-15 Houghton-16 Houghton-17 Houghton-18Houghton-19


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