Unbound by J.C. Architecture

Unbound by J.C. Architecture

Architects: J.C. Architecture
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Kevin Wu

Sitting amongst the forest in the National YangMing Park, the site becomes the biggest inspiration for us , there isn’t much we needed to do but to bring the picturistic setting inside.


We completely open up the space, allowing movement to flow in between, spacial recognition is then defined by the furniture floating inside the spaces, as if it were sculptures inside the open air museum.

Unbound-02 Unbound-03 Unbound-04 Unbound-05 Unbound-06 Unbound-07 Unbound-08 Unbound-09 Unbound-10 Unbound-11 Unbound-12 Unbound-13 Unbound-14 Unbound-15 Unbound-16 Unbound-17 Unbound-18 Unbound-19 Unbound-20 Unbound-21

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