Monovolumen by PUJO.RS

Monovolumen by PUJO.RS

Architects: Biljana Turanjanin Pujo, principal of PUJO.RS
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Photo courtesy: Srdjan Bosnic

Belgrade architect Biljana Turanjanin Pujo has designed all the elements of this unusual apartment located in Belgrade to accentuate the visual comfort that this space has.

Monovolumen PUJO.RS-01

The photographs show visions that bring together three areas: the kitchen, dining area and the living room. In addition to adequate space communication, the brightness and the isolation of the apartment represent its outstanding quality.

Monovolumen PUJO.RS-02

From the front door there is a good view of the architecture that gives you a fantastic feeling of lack of inhibition. Large, square dining table which has the capacity to suit up to 8 people is located in front of the kitchen and painted MDF in high gloss. In the gray block that continues to the kitchen, there are hidden doors behind which is an essential pantry with the laundry room , so that in addition to attractive design it provides maximum space functionality. The “entrée” itself is formed between the front door and the wardrobe. Large mirror that extends across the full height and width of the midspace, visually expands that section and lets it “breathe.”

Monovolumen PUJO.RS-03

Totally unusual glass wall separates the bedroom area from the rest of the apartment. When necessary, the roller blind of the entire width of the glass, lowers and so does not diminish the spatial volume

Monovolumen PUJO.RS-04

All the changes that have been implemented have been performed in order to obtain practical, efficiently used space. On account of the abolition of the corridor the bedrooms are extended, while placing the wardrobe in the former area of the kitchen, the whole area is relieved of unnecessary closets. The living room now has an excellent communication with all the compartments and is the core of the household of this family of four.

Monovolumen PUJO.RS-05

Our everyday life is very dynamic and as an epilogue of that there is a need for adequate living space that arouses pleasure with the space that does not burden, but constantly inspires, and we hope that the architectural bureau PUJO.RS in this project has succeeded.

Monovolumen PUJO.RS-06 Monovolumen PUJO.RS-07 Monovolumen PUJO.RS-08 Monovolumen PUJO.RS-09 Monovolumen PUJO.RS-10

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