Anti Patio by Drozdov Partners

Anti Patio by Drozdov Partners

Architects: Drozdov Partners
Location: Kharkov, Ukraine
Area: 1,400 sqft
Photo courtesy: Andrey Avdeenko

The terraced plot is situated on the eastern incline of the slope, with a 10-15 km all encompassing perspective normal for a penthouse. The format of the house empowers its 180-degree presentation to the encompassing space. Absolute coating of day zones upgrade this visual experience.


The group of three compartments (60 sq m each) is sited on two characteristic patios, the “Visitor Container” possessing the lower one. The “Room Container” inclines toward the slant and the “Regular Area Container”, which lays on the upper patio.


In spite of the fact that the house has two stories, it really comprises of one single room. Most extreme openness of internal premises empowers common cross-ventilation. Plus, it is extremely advantageous if there should be an occurrence of having a ton of visitor around at once, and is particularly welcome in hot summer.


Interestingly, however the house was outlined because of solid down to business contemplations, hone demonstrated this little plot has a great deal of sentimental components.

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