Countryhouse in Val Tidone by Park Associati

Countryhouse in Val Tidone by Park Associati

Architects: Park Associati
Location: Val Tidone, Emilia Romagna, Italy
Photo courtesy: Andrea Martiradonna

This house is arranged in the foothills of the Val Tidone, in the Piacentine wide open. Considered as a contemporary translation of the conventional “cascina” and horse shelters normal of the zone – reflected in the materials and extents – it presents itself as a cutting edge plan, free from nostalgic components.


The building has been outlined in light of issues of supportability all that much: from its introduction that empowers winter sun to be enhanced while minimizing presentation amid the more blazing months, to the development materials that have been determined for their large amounts of protection.


The house is produced around a focal secured yard that structures the heart of the ground floor living range and offers strange perspectives from the rooms at first floor. The ground floor spaces have been intended to be nonstop with the outer zones for access amid hotter climate to the patio and decked region from the parlor.


The ground floor comprises of a cloakroom and capacity zone and two substantial rooms that are outwardly associated by means of huge sliding coated entryways: the kitchen and eating zone that are imagined as a solitary space and the lounge; these ranges have been composed as a progression of spaces that lead from one to the next and on to the outside, through the yard and out to the timber-decked patio.


At first floor there are four rooms and two bathrooms. The floors are secured in boards of iroko wood and neighborhood stone laid in a sporadic example. The block of the outer rises proceeds inside to end up one of the inside completing materials, alongside mortar and an extensive, stone divider with a chimney and anteroom for kindling in sheet metal in the living area.

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