House on Golo by ARK Arhitektura Krušec

House on Golo by ARK Arhitektura Krušec

Architects: ARK Arhitektura Krušec
Location: Golo, Slovenia
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Miran Kambič

With each acknowledgment of a task the engineer on a very basic level meddles with the characteristic or urban surrounding. The site is never again the same as it was before the intercession. Hence, the modelers obligation to the space into which he mediates is considerably more noteworthy.


On account of House on Golo, which is arranged on a beautiful area, ignoring the tops of Julijske Alpe, Karavanke and the Kamniško-Savinjske Alpe, one of the fundamental qualities of the range is spoken to in the shading and the surface of the dirt on which the house is fabricated.


The structure of the house takes after the tectonic layering of the territory into which the development pit was burrowed. With a cautious throwing of the solid, hued in the same shade as the autochtonous shakes and executed in isolated layers, the house with it’s design replaces what it has taken from the nature amid the development.


The house is sited as an arrangement of three volumes of various statures, which take after the territory setup. The ground floor, spreading over more than three marginally distinctive levels, relates to the living style of it’s clients.


The study room is situated on the most reduced of the three levels and speaks to the heart of the house. It is made totally out of wood and serves as an ambiental complexity to the reasonable confronted solid dividers and terrazzo floors of whatever remains of the living space. The solid dividers are composed as a foundation to the proprietors’ gathering of workmanship pieces .


The window has a twofold part in design: on one hand it permits common light to enter the inside while in the meantime coordinates the perspectives outside towards the environment.


The same is valid for House on Golo, since the cadence of the window openings is deliberately shaped to outline the perspectives towards the Alps. It is additionally the purpose behind the seamingly irregular design of the windows on the exterior.

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