How Often Does An Air Conditioning Unit Need Service?

How Often Does An Air Conditioning Unit Need Service?


Summer is here, and with it, the arrival of some hot and steamy weather. Knowing that you have a cool and comfortable home to relax gives you comfort that you could enjoy the summer months in air-conditioned comfort.

How well do you know your air conditioning unit? Have you ever had it serviced? How is it cooling these days? Don’t wait until the first triple-digit day to do something about maintaining your air conditioner; servicing it regularly will ensure that you stay cooler and extend the life and efficiency of your unit. Don’t you want to read full articles? check here for direct consultation regarding your confusion


How do I know if my air conditioner may need service?

If you notice any of the following signs or symptoms of your AC unit, it may be a good time to call a AC service company:


1. Warm air coming from your unit or ducts

If warm air is coming out of your ductwork, check your thermostat to ensure that it is set to a lower temperature than your home’s interior. If you find you are still getting warm air, restricted airflow or a faulty air compressor may be to blame.


2. Little or no airflow

Low flow is a common problem for an AC unit overtaxed; it could be the result of a bad motor, a clogged filter, or something more serious that requires attention. In cases like these, an energy recovery ventilator may be just what your unit needs to more efficiently remove stale air from your home’s interior and replace it with cooled air coming from the unit. Talk to your service professional about options for making your existing unit more energy efficient.


3. Frequent cycling

While there will be some measure of cycling for any unit that is trying to keep up with hotter weather, your AC unit should not constantly be cycling. If it is, that may be a sign that it is getting tired. A call to your services professional may indicate that a tune-up is in order.


4. High humidity

High humidity often accompanies warmer temperatures; although it may feel nice to step outside and experience the balmy weather occasionally, you don’t need this sticky indoors. If your unit cannot efficiently remove humidity from your home’s interior, you may need to call for a repair.


5. Leaking water

Your unit relies on refrigerant to cool your home properly. As such, it may produce a certain amount of condensation as it operates. Pooling water or an active leak around your air conditioner is a sign that it is overworked or not functioning properly; if you notice any signs of leakage, call a service technician as soon as possible to diagnose and correct the issue.


6. Unusual or loud noises

Most units make a distinctive sound when turning on and off. Loud, sudden, or unexpected noises, however, can indicate that some trouble is ahead. Rattling, buzzing, whistling, or grinding noises need attention before you experience the complete breakdown of your unit. Call for service to avoid more significant repairs or replacement.


Keeping up with regular maintenance

If you regularly service your air conditioning unit, you can likely avoid significant repairs and extend your unit’s life. Most service technicians recommend an air conditioning unit tune-up at least once per year, twice if you live in hot and humid climates for most of the year. During a typical service appointment, your qualified and professional technician will perform the following comprehensive services:


Cleaning the air filter

Do you know the last time your air filter was checked or changed? To remove pollutants, eliminate dust and debris from entering your ductwork, and reduce indoor allergens, it is necessary to check and replace your air filter regularly. This will also ensure that your AC unit will be able to function more efficiently, even on the hottest days of the year.


Cleaning the indoor and outdoor coils

Cleaning of the coils should only be done by a trained service technician, as there are electrical components involved that could harm you or your family if you attempt to do so yourself. Removing dust, dirt, and debris from both inner and outer coils will help your unit function more efficiently.


Cleaning the condensate pump

Again, this part of your unit is essential for a well-functioning system. Sludge and slime buildup in the condensate pump will eventually result in total system failure. A quick checkup and regular cleaning maintenance help to reduce stress on your unit and lengthen its life.


Visual inspection of parts

Your service technician will also provide a visual inspection of all parts, connections, and components to ensure that everything is assembled correctly. He will make recommendations on worn or damaged parts that need replacement, and making sure these parts get replaced will keep your unit in tip-top shape.


Benefits of having an annual or bi-annual service check

Keeping up with regular maintenance will help your unit function longer and stronger. Some additional benefits of having regular service to your air conditioner include:

  • Increased dependability
  • The ability to diagnose and treat minor repairs, so they don’t become bigger issues
  • Increased efficiency and lower energy costs
  • Maintained safety and health measures
  • Reduction of environmental impact
  • Reduction of breakdown incidents, which usually happen at night or on weekends when repair rates are higher

Make your appointment asap!

Whether your unit is going strong or you suspect that it is overtaxed during these hot summer months, making an appointment is essential to preserving and protecting its efficiency and cool comfort. Call today to set up a service call and look forward to a cool summer!

Thank you for reading How Often Does An Air Conditioning Unit Need Service.

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