Stylish Air Conditioning Solutions for Your Home

Stylish Air Conditioning Solutions for Your Home

In a world where summers grow increasingly warmer and winters become shorter, having air conditioning is becoming a necessity.

While in many countries it is still considered a luxury, in many first world countries, air conditioners have become part of the décor as much as they have become a necessity in warm climates. For many people, picturing an air conditioner brings to mind a bulky, grey block, probably obtrusive or loud – so you want it out of sight, where it can still keep your home cool without ruining the aesthetic.

But what if you could find an air conditioner that enhanced the look of your home instead of bringing it down?

In warmer, more populated parts of the United States, finding stylish air conditioners is a lot easier than you would think. In hot cities like Miami or Phoenix AC service can readily help you find the right fashionable solution for your air conditioning unit.

Here are a few examples of some nice A/C units.



With a minimalist appearance and unobtrusive presence, these compact wall A/C units are becoming more and more popular.

From the trusted electronics and appliance brand LG, this small unit packs a lot of punch for its size, and it is sure to keep the cool air circulating without the loud noise or clunky appearance of classic air conditioners. Its monochromatic, sleek appearance is a great fit for minimalist, modern homes that do not need a lot of color splashes. Moreover, it is a relatively affordable option.


  1. Friedrich Kuhl Air Conditioners

These window units are great for small rooms to keep the cool air flowing while maintaining the design balance you desire.

These small units typically come in a variety of colors, depending on the size of the unit. They offer residential and commercial air conditioning units for rooms of various sizes. Even the basic white unit is sleek and pretty without being loud or obnoxious. If a wall mount is not your style, maybe one of these window units will be a better fit.


  1. Quirky + GE Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner

This is another sleek window unit, but with an even better kick – much like the smart watches and smartphones, this “smart” air conditioner features many technological advancements not present in the other air conditioning models.

This “smart” A/C unit features the ability to program a cooling schedule, monitor the conditions in your location with an internal GPS, and even learns your cooling patterns in order to help you save on energy costs. Furthermore, this air conditioning unit is compact but packs a lot of cooling power in its small form. Despite its many features, the Quirky + GE Aros is actually pretty affordable.


  1. Frigidaire FGPC1244T1 Gallery Cool Connect Smart Portable Air Conditioner

If a window or wall unit is not appealing, what about an inconspicuous portable air conditioning unit?

This Frigidaire model, somewhat similar to the Quirky + GE Aros, has some technological advancements not present in other small A/C units – mainly, this portable air conditioner is small, compact, transportable, and can be controlled with either Alexa (by Amazon) or the Google Assistant Support.

Its size does not dampen its ability – this portable A/C unit can easily cool rooms up to 550 square feet in size. Its remote and wireless capabilities make it super appealing for people on the go who rely on their “smart” technology to help them. Using Alexa or Google Assistant to help you stay cool with this sleek, portable device is just a bonus that makes your life easier.

There are many wall, window, and portable air conditioning units out there. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, brands, and abilities – this list is simply a place to start looking, in order to prove that not all air conditioning units have to be ugly or bulky. Finding the right air conditioner to complement your home is truly a breeze.

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