Rajuela House by Muñoz Arquitectos

Rajuela House by Muñoz Arquitectos

Architects: Muñoz Arquitectos
Location: Merida, Mexico
Year: 2010
Photo courtesy: Rolando Córdoba

Rajuela” house emerges from the need of a senior individual living in a contemporary house with great assembling, yet in the meantime including a ton of upkeep by the extensive number of windows, high roofs and over the top utilization of white; making a domain as “present day” that was untouchable, chilly and a bit of tiring to live in.


She lived in this house for some time, however with the entry of grandchildren it turned out to be exceptionally hard to stay aware of the cleanliness and request that this house required to look great.


Somewhat tired of the considerations that “innovation” obliged, comes to us to solicit that, in the expansive patio nursery from that house, we did a littler house.


The sunlight based was isolated into two parcels to offer that house that was turning out to be difficult to keep up. Leaving a 25.00 m x 35.00 m sun powered to plan the new house.


The pattern originates from making a simple living home, utilizing materials that don’t require support, with a scale substantially more cordial and inviting to an elderly’s man and with outside spaces that don’t require much upkeep, needing to make an a great deal more tropical environment, supplanting that immaculate “patio nursery” that she had in her past home.


Hence develops a direct outline that permits us to find all zones confronting north to advance daylight and great ventilation (since the predominant winds in our district originate from the upper east and southeast). Every one of the spaces in the house start from a module of 4.50 meters.


Access to the House is through a progression of covering dividers that immediate you to the corridor. A proprietor’s solicitations was that the corridor was delimited somehow permitting her to get individuals from work without having entry to the whole home.


Proceeding onward, through the hall, we enter to a twofold tallness that contains the living, eating and cooking (the kitchen isolated from the lounge room by a low mass of dark rock), making a huge nonstop space that grows the distance to the patio with an a great deal more acculturated scale and stretches out into the greenhouse, this being an augmentation of the inside. Creating a coordinated and edified space yet shielded from the sun.


After the space beforehand said we have the rooms, which additionally look towards the north, without overlooking the module. This coordinates through a straight dissemination that finishes with a figure. Administration zones are situated on the second floor.


The house’s materiality is exceptionally straightforward, it comprises of stone in a few renditions. The dividers are secured with a stone taken from the Yucatan custom called “Rajuela”, which comprise in covering the dividers with little bits of stone making a composition, which notwithstanding being made out of sharp bits of stone, has a smooth and greatly fascinating appearance as a result of the light and shadow amusement it makes.


The ground surface are additionally made of stone (marble), utilizing as a part of the inside a more finished form than the outsides, whatever is left of the house is a white covering where wood and rock serve as differentiation components.


Our objective was that this Mrs., whom we mind a considerable measure in this office, had an a great deal more casual life, encompassed by her grandchildren without much worried of the house hold. Accomplishing that the children might feel great and have some good times doing acts legitimate of their age.


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