Godoy House by Hernandez Silva Arquitectos

Godoy House by Hernandez Silva Arquitectos

Architects: Hernandez Silva Arquitectos
Location: Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico
Year: 2007
Area: 702 sqm
Photo courtesy: Carlos Diaz Corona

The house is situated in a private neighborhood outside the city, the area is level and situated in a corner, with neighbors toward the south and east side, the west contains a vast line of trees that isolates the house from the road and takes a transform into the north where both passages lie: one passerby and another for autos, there are two bodies skimming, the one on the left is an expansive box secured in dark stone that suspends over the road opening a hole where the autos are put away, the second body is straightforward and light, bigger and higher, which demonstrates the walker passageway, it is a volume of windows toward the north and west protected by a white steel grid, complying with the association with the sun, as this introduction is to a great degree hard in the city.


The straightforward volume at the doors grows by the side of the trees, the cross section covers its front face and is secured to a vertical divider at the back, which in the end hinders the warmth from the west, in the back, two dividers rise and curve on a level plane to make an awesome flying roof of 36ft. (11mts.) over the greenhouse and pool, supporting a second floor where the main room is found so it gets a complete open perspective to the patio nursery which is encompassed by forest.


The passage stage is lifted on the grounds that the house has a semi-storm cellar, subsequently it permits to create diverse uneven levels opening the stream in a few headings, within is totally open, with every one of the dividers in the same course, this is very apparent from the yard passageway, which is a well it twofold tallness hole, where the primary flows join, one vertical and the other a translucent glass scaffold interfacing the two finishes on the first floor.


The house structure is steel, it was fabricated amid a circumstance where this material was at a low value, permitting to manufacture a practically drifting house. The house opens with a long and collapsing window framework out of sight, incorporating the greenery enclosure into the inside, making social spaces in a completely coordinated huge patio with a greenhouse and pool, this permits to experience the cool and advantaged Guadalajara’s climate, the lounge area watches out over the porch and speaks over the patio nursery with the kitchen and studio, the two stairs set off from the storm cellar to the second floor, one prompts the administrations and alternate weaves the social and private spaces of the house.


The rooftops are level on the front however somewhat declined on the back because of development regulations secured with covered yellow earthenware, the dividers are generally smooth, floors are marble and wood, the carpentry is all in dull hues, utilizing white steel on numerous components of the house.

Godoy-House-01-6 Godoy-House-01 Godoy-House-02-0 Godoy-House-02-1 Godoy-House-02-2 Godoy-House-03-0 Godoy-House-03-1 Godoy-House-03-4 Godoy-House-03-5 Godoy-House-03-6 Godoy-House-03-7 Godoy-House-03-8 Godoy-House-03-93 Godoy-House-03 Godoy-House-04 Godoy-House-05 Godoy-House-08 Godoy-House-09 Godoy-House-11 Godoy-House-12 Godoy-House-13 Godoy-House-30 Godoy-House-31 Godoy-House-32 Godoy-House-33 Godoy-House-37 Godoy-House-38

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