Residence in Belo Horizonte by Anastasia Architects

Residence in Belo Horizonte by Anastasia Architects

Architects: Anastasia Architects
Location: Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Year: 370 sqm
Area: 3,983 sqft
Photo courtesy: Jomar Bragança

The 370 square meters habitation disseminated in two levels is arranged in a masculine private neighborhood in the city of Belo Horizonte – Brazil – on a 450 square meters level site. The design methodology looks to benefit the most extreme coordination of outer and inner territories, stirring up their limits, and, then increasing the sentiment vastness.


Because of the decreased size of the site, lingering and intersection spaces were for all intents and purposes forgot (for instance, there is no passage lobby, in benefit of a visual porousness with the passageway patio nursery, accomplished through huge urgent entryways in the veneer).


The floor arrangement is rectangular and minimal, extending till the site’s sidelines. The rooms are enlightened by huge entryways front and back veneers furthermore by tangled glass locking (u-glass that goes about as a decent warm protection because of the presence of an air layer between the glass sheets) between the slacked spread labs. A glass spread over a solid pergola supplements the enlightenment through an indoor patio nursery.


Along these lines, the house is overflowed by zenithal and aberrant regular light that other than keeping away from counterfeit lighting amid the day, likewise maintains a strategic distance from exorbitant warmth from direct daylight. The overall wind originates from the road, consequently the entering entryways function as controllers of wind velocity. Completely opened in the mid year, commendation cross ventilation, or shut in the winter, or even semi opened if little ventilation is craved.


The living arrangement was built up in the road level, one meter above common ground, with a specific end goal to maintain a strategic distance from unevenness and enhance availability of the social regions. What’s more, it additionally let the house more shielded from the dirt dampness. Remind that a reason for the implantation of smaller field, lessening its foot shaped impression, was to build the porousness of the ground, something truly required in our urban communities.


Sun oriented authorities (that meet the house and the pool) possess the vast majority of the spread chunk which kept the utilization of this range at first mulled over. Because of the vast compasses wanted, upheld by few purposes of establishment, furthermore to the extensive yard swing, the upper dividers are solid pillars manufactured by tore types of wood left evident. Its feel originates from an auxiliary choice, thus takes after that it is not enlivening.


This basic tumbling was essential, as the bolster columns on the yard would be in spite of the goal of incorporation between inside/outside coveted. The outcome was a lightweighted living arrangement (regardless of its feel of uncovered cement), lit and ventiladed, with wonderful and relative spaces that puts into to rehearse the introductory longing to the most ideal utilization of outer territory.

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