NAN Arquitectos redesign the Iconweb Offices, from an old billiard into an contemporary open office concept

NAN Arquitectos redesign the Iconweb Offices, from an old billiard into an contemporary open office concept

Architects: NAN Arquitectos
Location: Pontevedra, Pontevedra, Spain
Year: 2015
Area: 915 ft²/ 85 m²
Photo courtesy: Iván Casal Nieto

“An old billiard, well known in the city, became in to a place to develop digital marketing.


The space retains much of its original appearance because the idea was keep alive the “spirit” of the place giving a playful appearance in order to favor fluency in the communications as well as the exchange and relations among workers.


An open office concept was the request from the customer with a meeting room , an office , a small library , toilets and a resting room to relax and where can eat. The main task was to adapt the project to all of these requirements. A small distribution was made taking advantage the structure of the space that the area was giving.


A piece made of wood and glass was inserted to contain the meeting room , the office and the toilets. In the southern part of the area the desks with a common seats, to support meeting spaces and help the communication among the workers. In the other extreme, in a small grid near to the stairs, was placed the resting room, this space keep the privacy even is open through a portic pointing the stairs of one of the entrances.


Wood and brick were the main materials used looking for keeping the original appearance.


The organic aspect of the rest of the glue that was found on the wall from the original construction was highlighted placing the lights with a net LED . To give a cozy environment, a hidden LED was placed under the seats and between the wood and the structure, as well as a light focussed on the tables in order to give comfort to the users


An old stainless steel refrigerators, repaired with pieces of wood ,were used giving a very interesting combination.


You can say that the whole intended to be an open space with a clear identity because of their circumstances and absorbing contemporary design.”

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