The Boucquillon house in the rock by Michel Boucquillon & Donia Maaoui

The Boucquillon house in the rock by Michel Boucquillon & Donia Maaoui

Architects: Michel BoucquillonDonia Maaoui
Location: Tuscany, Italy
Year: 2010
Photo courtesy: Pietro Savorelli

The house on the slopes close Lucca, in the Tuscan field. The new home-studio of Michel, a planner and creator working for pioneers in this division, and Donia, engineer, artist and painter, is a home that exists in progression with nature. Olives trees, stone, white marble are the trademark components of the scene of the slope on which the house stands, a spot for work and regular life, a long way from the uproarious city. Be that as it may, this “back to nature” doesn’t include the rediscovery of vernacular structural engineering and rustic tastes, dodging contemporary reality and the weight of being present day.


Rather, it works in the present, both regarding ecological issues, including enhancement of vitality source( absolute independence, including accumulation of downpour water, the utilization of a warmth pump, sun powered pump, sun based boards), and in finding a fragile answer for development in a characteristic setting. The reasonable, just about automatic methodology maintains a strategic distance from simple impersonation, yet mixes into the scene. The task met with the hobby and backing of the city of Lucca and the neighborhood powers. The state of the slope, the layering of rises and divides of white marble together with the green of olive trees and the local brush, proposed flanking the current, truly harmed structure with an augmentation of living space added to the house appropriate, place between vast porches confronted by the work space.


The patios reinterpret, changing their figure and estimate, the farming porches of the past, making the insertion of the new development more congruous. This methodology as of now moves the undertaking to the vital scene scale, where the building design is not seen as “from the earlier ” to embed, but rather as a commitment to the upgrade of a part of the slope. In these terms the decision of a solitary material like white marble, utilized for the outside facings of the whole development, turns into a variable of coherence with the stone, the extremely material on which the house stands, turning into a kind of building expansion that changes the materic geology of the spot. Without cover or mask, the house utilizes its compositional procedure to declare its open, genuine innovation. The new private volume takes after the extents of its forerunner, with a pitched rooftop, denoting the declining exterior with a couple of openings sorted out in an unpredictable way that capacities for insides, and along these lines ensuring view of the primary veneer as a figure in stone, connected to the same treatment of the dike dividers of horizontal porches and of the lower bended volume of the studio.


On the two parallel facades(the back is set up against the slope), the house opens with substantial sliding glazings, blending outside space with the vast living zone and plainly designing the complexities of full and exhaust zones, the cadence between the marble of downhill veneer, the straightforwardness of the inside spaces, the stone of the slope. The recent turns into the hero of the spaces, brought inside as a characteristic setting behind the kitchen open to the eating and living territories, and in two rooms and a shower on the upper level. The association with the stone is immediate and underscored by the straight outline of spaces, by the outfitting used, by the geometric treatment of the inward surfaces, in a relationship of deliberate stand out from the materic character of the slope. On the ground floor two compositional components describe the space: the mass of the chimney( with double, dynamic aloof warmth recuperation) contains the TV screen and a sidelong window in its corner to corner opening, just about a “canvas” the edges the field, changing shading with the evolving seasons;


The volume of the winding staircase regarded as a sculptural component, punctured by round openings and loaded down with conceptual qualities, both because of its separated vicinity in brought together space of the parlor, and for the poppy shade of its inside, another reverberation of the found outside at specific times of year. The staircase ascends through two levels in a free, open space that underscores its size and part as a focal component. The heart of the house in non-literal terms. On the upper level the main room possesses the end zone with its own particular shower and wardrobe, while three different rooms region masterminded along a focal hallway that finishes up with a typical restroom. In the whole evening region, the house can be opened for a perspective of stars: the rooftop rises, similar to the wings of a butterfly, depended on the focal crest, to let the air give normal cooling, changing a natural advancement component into a “wonderful gadget” on a household scale.

The-Boucquillon-house-in-the-rock-by-Michel-Boucquillon-&-Donia-Maaoui-05 The-Boucquillon-house-in-the-rock-by-Michel-Boucquillon-&-Donia-Maaoui-06 The-Boucquillon-house-in-the-rock-by-Michel-Boucquillon-&-Donia-Maaoui-07 The-Boucquillon-house-in-the-rock-by-Michel-Boucquillon-&-Donia-Maaoui-08 The-Boucquillon-house-in-the-rock-by-Michel-Boucquillon-&-Donia-Maaoui-09 The-Boucquillon-house-in-the-rock-by-Michel-Boucquillon-&-Donia-Maaoui-10 The-Boucquillon-house-in-the-rock-by-Michel-Boucquillon-&-Donia-Maaoui-11 The-Boucquillon-house-in-the-rock-by-Michel-Boucquillon-&-Donia-Maaoui-12 The-Boucquillon-house-in-the-rock-by-Michel-Boucquillon-&-Donia-Maaoui-13

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