Nordic Light home covered in wood and designed by D/O

Nordic Light home covered in wood and designed by D/O

Architects: D/O
Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA
Year: 2015
Area: 1,750 sqft / 163 sqm
Photo courtesy: Chad Holder


We live in an atmosphere which changes every year shifting from ice to tropical. What’s more, our shortage of light in winter appears differently in relation to its wealth in summer. Its unmistakable nature at our scope was verbalized in the Norse dialects with the same number of varieties as words for snow. Ljos depicts whiteness which gets to be fundamental to our mental survival as the world turns dim and blue. Our home endeavors to catch light as our predecessors did. The initial two bobs, floor and roof, warm the blue to unadulterated white. Every other component keep up, reflect and diffuse the whiteness.




The oak, in our mythology, is Yggdrasil, a world tree. It communicates magnificence through quality and join the sky to the physical through its roots. We set out to make a spot which occupies oak, protected in material and living in the scene. Three existing oaks manage its structure and program. Fundamental living spaces point to the oak toward the east. Hoisted indoor/outside living spaces live in the shade of those toward the west. Inside, white oak replaces the sky and arrive, extends past the eye, and directs the body through space.



We live in a move between The Great Plains toward the west and the Great Lakes toward the east. This zone is overwhelmed by the oak and aspen savannas in the midst of a mosaic of vegetation. Our specific minute in this zone is the St. Paul-Baldwin Plains and Moraines subsection. It is the prairie timberland fringe of the Midwest. Our reaction is not helpful, but rather environmental consistency. While formalized, all species and their extents are truly precise to the area’s particular nature. Tall grass prairie, greenery, blue stone, and fescues live under forests of oak and aspen. Edges are clear, yet sporadic and structures exist in, on, and aside the area.

Nordic-Light-home-covered-in-wood-and-designed-by-D-O-03 Nordic-Light-home-covered-in-wood-and-designed-by-D-O-04 Nordic-Light-home-covered-in-wood-and-designed-by-D-O-05 Nordic-Light-home-covered-in-wood-and-designed-by-D-O-06 Nordic-Light-home-covered-in-wood-and-designed-by-D-O-07 Nordic-Light-home-covered-in-wood-and-designed-by-D-O-08 Nordic-Light-home-covered-in-wood-and-designed-by-D-O-09 Nordic-Light-home-covered-in-wood-and-designed-by-D-O-10 Nordic-Light-home-covered-in-wood-and-designed-by-D-O-11 Nordic-Light-home-covered-in-wood-and-designed-by-D-O-12 Nordic-Light-home-covered-in-wood-and-designed-by-D-O-13 Nordic-Light-home-covered-in-wood-and-designed-by-D-O-14 Nordic-Light-home-covered-in-wood-and-designed-by-D-O-15 Nordic-Light-home-covered-in-wood-and-designed-by-D-O-16 Nordic-Light-home-covered-in-wood-and-designed-by-D-O-17 Nordic-Light-home-covered-in-wood-and-designed-by-D-O-18 Nordic-Light-home-covered-in-wood-and-designed-by-D-O-19 Nordic-Light-home-covered-in-wood-and-designed-by-D-O-20 Nordic-Light-home-covered-in-wood-and-designed-by-D-O-21 Nordic-Light-home-covered-in-wood-and-designed-by-D-O-22

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