Clean design, which reinforces the sense of visual cleaning of an apartment by Cadi Arquitetura

Architects: Cadi Arquitetura
Location: R. João Matte Sobrinho, Brazil
Year: 2016
Area: 1.539 ft²/ 143 m²
Photo courtesy: Cristiano Bauce

“Before moving to Lajeado, in Rio Grande do Sul, mother and daughter lived in a large house with a backyard, in Santa Cruz do Sul. Despite the choice of an apartment as a new home, the matriarch did not want to give up the entrance of light and the presence of green for the new home. That is why the project integrated the social area creating a great light and airy environment.

Even offering plenty of natural light, it needed to bring a little more green into apartament. The solution found was to line the wall that starts in the entrance hall and ends in the kitchen with a wallpaper that in addition to the vibrant emerald green color, stamped with several palm leaves and creates the feeling of jungle inside the house.

In addition, organization was the key word of the project. At the customer’s request, exposed utensils, niches, shelves and any exposed furniture were prohibited in the project. And the kitchen of the apartment, which was totally open, did not please much.

To solve the question of the kitchen very exposed, a slat of wood brought privacy and delimited the spaces better. The high kitchen countertop also helped with this, and it also provided support for a table where the family dines from day to day.

We bet on the joinery with clean design, which reinforces the sense of visual cleaning. This minimalist aesthetic is present throughout the project, which is marked by the neutral base, enclosed spaces and few objects of decoration.”