Iporanga House by Isay Weinfeld

Iporanga House by Isay Weinfeld

Architects: Isay Weinfeld
Location: Guaruja, São Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2006
Area: 875 sqm
Photo courtesy: Nelson Kon

Based on the seashore of Iporanga shoreline, on the north bank of São Paulo and in the midst of the Atlantic Forest, Iporanga house was intended for a group of Arab family and is encompassed by vegetation – coconut trees, bromeliads and different indigenous plants from the district.


There was no noteworthy confinement – whether specialized or lawful – to the undertaking and development of this house. Yet, normally, the geographic and regular setting the house is set in justified awesome consideration, and guided the area of the house on the area, the association of the project and the utilization of materials.


The house includes no dividers or some other insurance however green wall isolating it from the neighboring parcels or the shoreline. Its project was disseminated in two white boxlike volumes, one “set” over the other. In the lower one, on the ground floor, are all social and administration territories of the house: living and lounge areas, coordinated in a solitary space, open completely onto the veranda, onto the swimming pool and onto the ocean.


In the upper volume, a vast “musharabiya” made of aluminum and painted in white encase each of the five rooms – the main room disregarding the ocean. Outside, by the swimming pool, there is a brought down living room that can be in the end secured with a canvas; it is a spot where one can eat or simply relax.

Iporanga-House-01 Iporanga-House-02-1 Iporanga-House-02 Iporanga-House-05-1 Iporanga-House-05 Iporanga-House-06 Iporanga-House-07 Iporanga-House-08 Iporanga-House-12 Iporanga-House-13-1 Iporanga-House-13-2 Iporanga-House-13-3 Iporanga-House-13-4 Iporanga-House-13 Iporanga-House-30 Iporanga-House-31 Iporanga-House-32 Iporanga-House-33 Iporanga-House-34

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