Eco-Kid Kindergarten – Indoor and Outdoor Playful Space

Many of us dream about a kindergarten where children can develop at their best, where they are encouraged to explore and have fund in a playful and eco-friendly environment.

LAVA was founded in 2007 and it is now established as a network in Sidney, Stuttgart and Berlin.

Eco-Kid Kindergarten -Futuristic Approach to Architecture

LAVA has a futuristic approach to architecture, being an organization who takes a particular attention to nature. It focuses on building a smarter, friendlier and more responsible future.

LAVA considers that the geometries in nature create both efficiency and beauty, therefore, it uses naturally evolving structural systems, such as snowflakes, spiderwebs and soap bubbles.

All LAVA’s projects include intelligent systems and skins

The organization considers that modern architecture has to combine three important areas: structure, material and building skin. All their projects incorporate intelligent systems and skins that are ready to react to external factors such as air pressure, humidity, solar radiation or even pollution.

Versatile projects: from homes made of PET to kindergarten

LAVA’s projects are very versatile, it designs projects from homes made of PET bottles to urban centers, hotels, kindergarten, or futuristic airports.

In today’s article, we are going to present an ecologic kindergarten designed by LAVA in Vietnam.

Eco-Kid Kidergarten

Client:Hoo Goong Education Development & Investment
Location:Vinh Vietnam
Status:Built 2019
Partners::Module K, Viet Decor, Great

For this project, LAVA collaborated with Module K on their first kindergarten project in Vinh, in order to respond to the modern generation of Vietnamese children’s needs.

A 5000 sqm series of buildings became the fun indoor and outdoor safe space, while making it a modern, kid-friendly architectural statement.

The Purpose

Any project in education raises the question on how the modern generation teaches and learns. We spent most of our time as children as adolescents in sterile boxes with a traditional teacher in front of us. We were supposed to stay and listen. The modern generation needs a space where she can discover, put its curiosity to use, engage in creative conversations and always be encouraged.

World-class interiors educate, challenge and entertain with a series of other kindergartens across Vietnam to follow.

The Need

Three interconnected semi circular buildings three stories high are contextualised with the scale of the surrounding landscape.

They feature circular cut out windows framed in bold primary colours with organic shaped windows on the ground floor.

The ‘portholes’ give glimpses of the adjacent Goong Lake and city in the distance and provide cross ventilation. Y-shaped footbridges connect the three buildings giving safe and pedestrian friendly access.

The configuration forms three courtyard/playgrounds with a forest in between, with breezes from the lake adding to the natural experience.

Ceilings feature fun flowing shapes and dinosaur-like ribbed surfaces.

Classrooms, admin, kitchen canteen, swimming pool and playgrounds cater for 750 children.


The organic shapes, gardens on every level, connect the space to nature at every point.

Cross ventilation, solar maximisation, the flow of indoor and outdoor spaces and a safe and fun environment for young children to learn and explore.

In conclusion

The next generation needs a place where it can develop freely, explore, spend more time in nature and be encouraged by their teachers, but also by the space where they are learning. Creative thinking and learning can be done only in creative places. The Eco-Kidergarten designed by LAVA has fully achieved its purpose with its unique, modern design.

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